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Spawning with Rye Berries

Spawning with Rye Berries

A look inside the top of a fully colonized rye berry quart jar.

Close up.

To remove the colonized rye berries from the jar, you will have to cut in sections as shown above all the way down to the bottom of the jar. Stab a section with your clean knife to pull it out of jar. You may leave in big sections like shown above, or you can break them up into smaller pieces, both ways work. This procedure works best when using a flow hood.

Holding the top shut with your hand, move the bag around and mix the components, kind of like shake and bake. Once the rye berries are mixed well into the spawning mix remove as much air as possible from the bag and seal the top of the spawning bag with an impulse sealer or foodsaver. If none of those are available then fold the bag without covering the filter and use as many paper clips as possible to create a tight seal that will prevent contaminants from entering the spawn bag.

Put bag in a very dark place that will be undisturbed for a long time. Colonization is fast. The mix pictured above is our ET MIX casing soil used as spawning material after only 3 days! The amount shown above inside the bag is 4 times less than what actually comes inside the bag. Our ET MIX casing soil comes with a double bag that when cut can be pulled from underneath the main bag (one on top of each other sealed together) and permits you to use some for casing soil and the other bag can be used to spawn mycelium separately while the main bag can be sealed again for later use in the fridge. You may also use the entire amount of casing material as spawn inside bag or make 2 separate spawn bags of same or different species.

After a week and a half.

Once completely colonized, exposure to light even in small amount will cause the mycelium to begin fruiting inside the bag. You have to decide wether you want to do this or if you are going to remove the colonized spawn from the bag and use it to innoculate something else or if you are going to want to expand it even further by casing it with some more casing soil, dung or compost in a bin or container. (we are about to publish some additional info about casing very soon, and will be expanding the procedure on how to do so) Bag will inflate itself as the mycelium creates and exchanges gases.

Top view from inside the bag. It is recommended to remove the spawn from the bag and place in a humid place for better fruiting, but you can leave inside bag and allow fruiting to take place completely inside. If you caught it late and it started pinning and you wanted to case it, then cut bag open, remove absolutely all the fruits and pins from the spawn and then case.

Bag cut open. These are very young mushrooms.


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