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1.��If you do plan on using the kitchen extractor technique, it is VERY important to test it for �back-drafts� FIRST. The way to do this is by using a small strip of paper towel or toilet paper. Cut or tear a strip that is about 2� inches long and 1� inch thick.
Turn on your extractor on the �high� setting, which is the one that makes more noise. Now hold your paper strip by the very end, up close to the intake of the extractor. The part where it sucks air in and passes through the filter. Test all areas around the hood for �back-drafting� air.
Your paper strip should be pulled easily when holding it all around near the intake. It should NOT however be blown away instead, as this will surely introduce contaminants into the working area. Test all around the hood as sometimes they have cracks where they blow air out of (which they are not supposed to). The only place that there should be BLOWING air, is at the outside of the hood, where there are usually some grills that are the exhaust.
If your kitchen extractor DOES have �back-drafting� air, then it is best advised not to use this TEK. Instead please us the �BOX TEK�, Where you simply work underneath a plastic or cardboard box, previously sprayed with Lysol. This is to prevent drafts of air from entering your working area. The �BOX TEK� works just as good as the �kitchen extractor TEK�.

2. After injecting the jars, instead of removing the tape that you injected through, just leave the tape on. This tape can be removed after the jars are at least � way colonized, but preferably until they are � way colonized. The bottom of the jar will often take longer to colonize than the rest of the cake. You can flip your jars upside down to help aid in the colonization of the bottom. However, only do this when the mycelium is nearing the center of the bottom of the jar.

3. DO NOT inject the middle hole. It is only there to provide additional oxygen once the tape is removed. Injecting this middle hole will clog your spore syringe, so it is not recommended to inject it.

4. If you received the gray needle, please make sure that when you are injecting into jars, to inject the solution very slowly, otherwise it will get the top vermiculite layer wet, and that can lead to contamination easier.


1. Make sure to flame-sterilize your needle before using it, without melting the plastic. Let it turn red for about 6-7 seconds starting closest to the needle base and ending at the point. Also wipe it with 91% alcohol. 2. Wipe the tape on top of the jars with 91% alcohol well before injecting. 3. Wipe your needle with 91% alcohol between EVERY hole of your Jars. 4. Flame-sterilize your needle and wipe with 91% alcohol between EVERY Jar. 5. An alcohol spray bottle works best.

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