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Biologically Activated WORM CASTINGS 10lbs
Casing Soil Mix
Biologically Activated WORM CASTINGS 10lbs
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This combination is 70% worm castings and 30% vermiculite. Worm castings is basically worm poop. The worms eat the soil for it's nutrients, and "cast" it out back into the soil. Worm castings contain more available nutrients than the soil ingested by the worms. Worm castings are hard to find in most areas, and where it is available it's usually extremely expensive.


Exellent casing soil, exellent yield. Definetely worth trying.

This mixture DOES NOT undergo filtering or screening like our other mixtures since the worm castings themselves are already super soft and fine. We GUARANTEE you will enjoy this mixture.. 

This mixture shows very nice healthy rhizomorphic growth that tends not to grow over itself, but rather take the form of the earth layer and move sideways overtaking the top layer instead of upwards. There have also been the least amount of "aborts" (pins that do not reach maturity) with this mixture than with any other we've worked with. The biologically activated castings are pasteurized and innoculated with proven beneficial organisms. The castings are then sealed in a filter bag to prevent contamination. 
Recommended for use as either casing soil, or for spawning, or even for use with your plants!... Exellent for plants, be carefull, you might spoil them (in a good way).

Completely sealed, pasteurized, and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms, and ready to be used as a great nutritious casing soil.

PH. balanced at the perfect PH for mushrooms.....less contamination, faster colonization, easier pinning. 

BIG BAG....Enough for several beds. This bag is approximately 10lbs

If you would like to use this bag for a spawn or bulk substrate bag, it can be done. There is a filter on the bag, which allows good oxygen & CO2 exchange. The filters are medical quality with very high efficiency. Comes with a FREE medical gloves and high efficiency operation filtration mask

Casing soil/spawn bag with filter$65.00

This item may take anywhere from 12-30 days to ship! We always try to get it to you as fast as possible, but everything is meticulously hand made and scruitinized for perfection. Definently worth the wait! You may check the progress at any time by emailing or calling us. 
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Awesome soilI bought this with my 1st ET order 6 years ago along with the 50/50 mix and it worked magnificently, just a big pricey for 10lbs. Not trying to knock ET the soil is awesome but the price is a bit outdated can get same for 15$ per 10lbs still great, wish the had the sheep poo still. Written by tope on Thu 5 Mar 2015 8:25:41 PM GMT
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