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Sterilized Mycobag Injectorsite LGBR
Sterilized Mycobag Injectorsite LGBR
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As of November 2018, all substrate bags come with an integrated Class-5 Chemical Indicator, indicating that the substrate core was subject to correct Time, Temperature, and Steam and giving a "Pass" or "Fail" with EACH BAG! 
A Guarantee of sterility you will only find here at Earth's Tongue.

1.6lbs worth of  PF style substrate but in a mycobag with 0.2 micron filtration filter and injector-site.

*Be careful with 5 micron filter bags (that seem economically priced) as they are extremely prone to contamination and is the most commonly sold online because they are easy to make. A 5 micron filter bag can be sealed prior to sterilization eliminating over 60% of the work and 100% of the sterile procedure work in exchange for a very poor filter that in our experience contaminates extremely frequently since mold spores are between 1-3 microns, so why would you use a 5 micron filter? ...We don't. We've invested everything in our laboratory to be able to provide the best filter bag available in the world which is autoclaved and sealed and packed AFTER sterilization in a Certified ISO 3 (Class 1) Cleanroom using extremely sterile procedures infront of 0.1 micron ULPA HEPA Flow Benches. The extremely small pore size of the bags we use of 0.2 microns explodes in the autoclave if sealed prior to sterilization, and the only way to be able to use it is to autoclave with the bags unsealed and the autoclave must lead to a cleanroom and directly to a sterile air flow bench, to be sealed and bagged. The performance of our bags and long term results speak for themselves.

   This bag is used exactly like you would a PF style Jar but easier to use and get out.
All you do is inject your spore solution or culture solution into the black rubber self-healing injector site and wait until its fully colonized. You may allow to fruit inside the bag by exposing to light and then cutting below the seal to pick your mushrooms and reseal with paper clips for an additional 2-3 more flushes.

   Better results are produced if the colonized cake is taken out of the bag once fully covered with mycelium and placed inside a growing container or greenhouse. 80-85 % humidity is required for pinning for most mushrooms and then raise humidity to 90-95% once mushrooms are over an inch long.

Great product for the price!!
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.5
makes life easyI ve used several of these bags and the pre seales bag and injector port make it almost idiot proof. You dont have to go through the process of sterilizing everything and then hope nothing was contaminated. If properly jinjected these bags colonized in about three weeks, which is a little slow , but patients is virtue. I will def use this product again Written by daniel dacosta on Sat 28 Feb 2015 5:19:20 PM GMT
Made my grows much easier in the long runThis is my second buy of these bags 4 in total and all separate strains. They are very easy to use in place of jars and to just inject and wait is a plus on my end. I do have one gripe and that is they just will not fully colonize. At least for me they wont. I have had better luck with certain strains (ever one of them from ET) some fill almost 90% and some only 70%. I am not sure if its anything on my end but I did notice after about 50% the non-colonized part dries out as well as the moisture escapes the sub and collects on the side of the bags. Other then that simple issue I have pulled quality and quantity yields from this setup and really cant complain as I keep buying them. Thanks ET you guys blow my mind "literally and figuratively" Written by Mike on Thu 19 Feb 2015 11:26:10 PM GMT
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