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Portable Sterile Work Glove Bag
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Portable Sterile Work Glove Bag
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These Glove Bags are a perfect alternative to a glove box. One of the advantages obviously is the ability to be completely portable. You just fold them up and they fit very slim inside a zip lock or tyvek bag and take very little room in a backpack. You can set it up anywhere in a matter of seconds and are affordable enough to have a few around.

We first used these successfully in our 2012 mushroom hunting expedition with no problems at all. We were able to use these in multiple locations, set up and start working in a matter of a few minutes. When we were done we just fold them and put them away for further use. We also were able to leave a few with other mycologist friends for further use by them. You can see them in use on our 2012 Mushroom hunting video.

They come ready to use immediately. Built in gloves and a clip or tie to seal the side of the bag (where you put all your work inside as well as a good sanitizing agent.) Also comes with a replacement bag (in case yours breaks, tears or gets punctured.) And an extra gasket in case you break one.

To use you simply:

*Set it up on a clean sanitized table or flat surface using lysol.
*Place inside the bag what you will be working on.
*Also inside the bag bring a liquid spray sanitizer bottle like lysol and some paper towels.
*Seal the side of the bag with the clip leaving the bag inflated and sealed.
*Put your hands inside the built in gloves from the outside.
*Before you begin work, spray the inside of the bag everywhere with lysol.
*Let it sit for about 15 minutes.
*Wipe down excess lysol with paper towel.
*Begin work using the built in gloves.
*Do not open bag until everything that needs to be sterile is completely sealed.

Instructions on using and setting up your glove bag are here:
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