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LION'S MANE - Hericium erinaceus
20cc culture syringe
LION'S MANE - Hericium erinaceus
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Scientific name: Hericium americanum/Hericium erinaceus
Similar:Hericium coralloides
Common names: Lion's Maine, Pom Pom Blanc, Beard Mushroom, Bear's Head tooth, Monkey Head, icicle mushroom.

Hericium is one of the tooth fungi, formerly placed in the Hydnaceae species. A very sought after mushroom species. They are a rare and highly prized find in the woods. "Pom poms" are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world for it's strong, distinct mushroom taste. It is one of the best tasting mushrooms we've ever tried. Only a little pinch of the fresh mushroom and you'll be overwhelmed with taste and will be begging for more. A true gourmet hero. Wild picked specimens look very different than home cultivated ones. Wild specimens look like cascading white icicle-like spines. They can also grow in balls that look like a big wet hair ball. It is known as "Lion's Mane" here or "Monkey's Head" in China, considered by most to be one of the best edible fungi. In China, this mushroom, when brewed in hot water, is considered as a healthy drink. Modern science has identified substances in this mushroom which accelerate the synthesis of the nerve growth factor that may be helpful to inhibit brain dysfunction associated with aged people.

Bake at 350 glazed with butter or use fresh shredded in salads, garnishes or sea food.

Hericum is surprisingly very easy to cultivate at home. It fruits easily on wood based mixtures. Often fruits even before substrate or spawn is fully colonized. All it needs is an opening in the substrate and it will fruit. It easily grows invitro if allowed space between the substrate and the bag (or jar).

Colonizes fast!
Several good flushes can be achieved through time.
Flushes usually are within 2 weeks apart. 
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Lions ManeI had never bought a kit before, so I called them and they had to make sure the mycelium were growing well before shipping. And are they ever! Very nice looking spawn. Written by Myron Gainnini on Mon 2 Mar 2015 3:15:06 AM GMT
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