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Casing or Spawning in Bags GROW KIT 1
Casing or Spawning in Bags GROW KIT 1
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  • 2 1.6 lbs each sterilized USDA Organic rye berry bags with injector site.
  • All bags have 0.2 micron filters.
  • Rye has been enriched with a house blend of vitamins and calcium for added nutrition.
  • A 10 lb DOUBLE BAGGED Sterilized and highly nutritious Casing / Bag Spawning Mix (makes 2 bags).
  • A 20cc spore syringe of your choice.

Rye can be used to grow basically any species of mushrooms.

Whole grain rye contains a very nutritious base for mycelium, helping to promote strong healthy threads.

All you have to do is inject through the rubber injector site with your favorite spores USING NO MORE THAN 5CCS PER BAG. MORE IS NOT BETTER.

Colonizes EXTREMELY fast!

After rye bags are fully colonized, you will follow the same technique as used in the video below.
You will add the contents of 1 fully colonized rye bag in each casing soil / compost bag (making a total of 2 large bags.)
You can use an impulse sealer to reseal the compost bags or you can use bag clips which we sell here.

****This item may take anywhere from 12-30 days to ship! We always try to get it to you as fast as possible, but everything is meticulously hand made and scrutinized for perfection.
Definitely worth the wait! You may check the progress at any time by emailing us.****

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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10 Years a customerHave done business with these folks for 10 years and always been satisfied. Remember, this is a sensitive, technical, and sterile procedure. Everyone fails at least once. The secret is cleanliness and TECHNIQUE. So if you have problems, look in the mirror before you start throwing stones. Experience cannot be read in a book or online. Written by JP on Sat 26 Nov 2016 8:24:39 PM GMT
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