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Earth's Tongue Black Embroidered Polo-"Quetzal"
Earth's Tongue Black Embroidered Polo-"Quetzal"
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We went through many ideas for an Earth's Tongue shirt. Many design and shirt types were made. But we didn't want to make a t-shirt that people would end up using as a pajama one day or a stay at home sick shirt or a home remodeling shirt that is ok to get paint on like most company T-shirts.

  We believe in high quality everything!! Everything we make and sell is of the HIGHEST quality so we wanted to represent that with our shirts as well.

  These polos are 100% preshrunk cotton. Texture feels great and is very comfortable and fit to wear both in summer and winter. At the moment all polos are black and a girls version is on its way. But I see no reason why a girl wouldn't wear these as they are.

  The front and back is 100% embroidered and is nothing short from a work of art!

It looks and feels Legit & Professional. It is designed to last a very long time and will not wear down/crack and fade with washes as does screen printed or heat pressed shirts do.

  Get yours today as we only made a few of each size as our first order to see the response that we get from these shirts as well as to see what the most popular sizes are.

  With these very special and custom designed polos YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET. Our cost to make these is quite high but I've asked around other places who do similar embroidery work and I have been told that for this much stitching I am getting them at a good price however my cost to make the shirts now is close to $40 per shirt! And that's not counting several hundred in digitizing fees. That's right but with that in mind how many people pay over $200 for a regular polo with a stupid 1/4" inch logo on it!

  These are a limited production for now so get yours now before they fly away! 
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