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Blue Oyster - Pleurotus Columbinus
20cc culture syringe
Blue Oyster - Pleurotus Columbinus
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Scientific Name: Pleurotus columbinus
Common Names: Blue Oyster
Substrates: (explained below)
Colonization and Fruiting Temperatures: 68-75/60-72

This edible Blue Oyster culture was handed down to us by a master mycologist who passed away and left this culture to us. Master culture blazes through any substrate like pac man eating dots and ghosts. Producing huge fruits fast with very strong blue pearlescent hues specially during the first developing stages of growth. Very beautiful!!

This mushroom likes every substrate you can imagine including, wheat straw, toilet paper, newspaper, cardboard, cereal, macaroni, any pastas, dead leaves, sawdust and woodchips, agricultural waste, and of course every grain you can possibly imagine.

Best way to cultivate is to let the primordia form inside the filter bag and then cut a lit where the pins are for a good flush outside the bag. They will not form properly inside the bag and will be very thin and long with almost no cap at all if left to grow inside the bag. Best results are as pictured below.

With a keen ability to metabolize toxic hazardous waste into non toxic sugars and protein, this rascal is even used to help clean up oil spills on land and help clean radioactivity in soils and waters as can the "Garden Giant" or (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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The Best Myco Supplies AroundFirst off, I love ET for all my myco needs.

I really love their Blue Oyster strain as well. Quick shipping, always spore dense and viable.

Super fast colonizer rips through many substrates. Very easy and rewarding to grow in cooler climates/times of year. Mycelium of the blue oyster has the most lovely aroma.
Written by Uriah Beauchamp on Thu 5 Mar 2015 6:07:12 AM GMT
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