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Has been used for the cake method or for casings with more nutrition than our standard LGBR + Verm. Mix. (Long grain brown rice + Vermiculite). Now updated in 2019 to include other more nutritious flours.
Very easy to use, ready to inject, sterilized and vacuum sealed. Produces large flushes with excellent nutritious fruit bodies. High quality select birdseed with nutrition coat soaked and pre-pressure cooked in mineral water, to absorb maximum moisture. Lasts a lot longer and produces much more transferable nutrition and moisture than other substrates. The rice flour in mix is used as an immediate source of food (nutrition) and the Birdseed Mix is a slow release nutrient that all mycelium LOVES! and slowly eats its way inside the seed's core. Magnificent Casing substrate, that colonizes FAST. 

This mixture (substrate) is very easy to use, and comes sterile and ready to inject with your choice mushroom. All mixed and put together for you. The sterilized substrate filled jars come in a vacuum sealed bag to guarantee sterility.
This mix is good for beginning/advanced cultivators, because it is the simplest and easiest mixture to work with, but adds support for casing and spawning techniques as well with the addition of the seed mix. Good for all species.
This particular mix will stay together nicely, and is one of the best and easiest to do the CAKE METHOD with. 

These JARS are guaranteed to be delivered sterile.

All jars come with an extra fine dry vermiculite top layer that rests between the substrate and the lid. This layer has been proven very effective in filtering oxygen and allowing a CO2 exchange even in a non-sterile environment.

For wild, gourmet, or exotic species or strains, read up a bit about their preferred growing environments and substrates. Most mushroom species can be started from this mixture, but might require a casing or a transfer into of a certain kind of soil, compost, dung, or wood mix.

It's great for starting spawn and for testing cultures before you work with larger substrates. We still use these jars to test cultures for viability and growth factors in small scale.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews: 4.8
...accomplishment, learning, and wonder!I decided to order from Earth’s Tongue for several reasons; the website is well designed, great visuals, and they provide information that addressed the concerns I had as a first timer. Earth’s Tongue went beyond simply giving assurance of quality products; in “Why we are different” they explained how they ensure quality. They even gave me an instructional DVD. Service was spot on; product was as promised. Finally the enjoyment of cooking up and serving oyster mushrooms I produced, as delectable as they were, was eclipsed by experience of nurturing and the thrill of watching them grow. Thank you! Written by HIAWATHA on Sat 18 Apr 2015 4:56:23 PM GMT
Advertised results true to expectationsThis is my second purchase of this full jar kit. Both purchases led to expected and advertised results. The sterile products and the instructional DVD was appreciated. The intructions showed be carefully followed by first or second time cultivators.
In addition, the customer service is great. I plan to keep giving ET my business as a very satisfied customer.
Written by Jas Smith on Fri 13 Mar 2015 6:26:09 PM GMT
Bird SeedSeems to continue to provide nutrients flush after flush. I got 4 flushes before they slowed down. Although, when injecting the middle hole, I had trouble with the syringe needle getting clogged up. Some so bad it was nearly impossible to get any solution to come out. Other great product and only cakes I'd use. Written by Walter Dautenhahn on Sun 1 Mar 2015 1:58:06 AM GMT
The perfect growth mediumI have been growing for about three years now, and this is the best medium I have ever used! (Keep in mind I'm a noobie grower, so I don't make my own substrate yet.) The combination of ingredients leads to fast mycelial growth and the fact that Earth's Tongue includes all that a beginner needs is just the icing on the cake!

Years ago I ordered "pre-sterilized" and packed jars from other places, and found myself the unlucky recipient of already contaminated products. It was quite disheartening. Since switching to Earth's Tongue, I haven't had the slightest hint of contamination, and if you combine their terrific "New Moon" syringes with a heaping helping of common sense, you will not have any contamination either.

Earth's Tongue ships fast, the products are top-notch, and customer support is instantly responsive. There's no reason to go with anyone else!
Written by Jimmy McNulty on Sun 1 Mar 2015 12:07:37 AM GMT
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