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Sterilized Grain Spawn Bags 5lb x 4 with 0.2 micron filter 20 lbs
Sterilized Grain Spawn Bags 5lb x 4 with 0.2 micron filter 20 lbs
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5lb x 4 lbs = 20 lbs Sterilized whole grain USDA ORGANIC WHEAT bag and 0.2 micron filter ready for inoculation with spawn or through OPTIONAL injector site.
We now use WHEAT and not rye grain, since rye grain can contain ergot

As of November 2018, all substrate bags come with an integrated Class-5 Chemical Indicator, indicating that the substrate core was subject to correct Time, Temperature, and Steam and giving a "Pass" or "Fail" with EACH BAG! A Guarantee of sterility you will only find here at Earth's Tongue.

Sterilized Grain has been enriched with a house blend of vitamins and calcium for added nutrition.

Whole grain has been a substrate of choice for many years amongst mushroom cultivators wordwide due to the availability of good quality organic grains.
Whole grain can be used to grow basically any species of mushrooms.
Whole grain contains a very nutritious base for mycelium, helping to promote strong healthy threads.

All you have to do is transfer spawn into bags for further multiplication of spawn into a high quality grain master bag. Or inject through the OPTIONAL self healing rubber injector site with your favorite spores or culture.

Colonizes EXTREMELY fast!

 Whole grain cannot be used to fruit directly from, therefore it is recommended to be used by the slightly more advanced cultivator. Any of our pre-sterilized casing soils or wood or straw compost work well with our grain.
The colonized grain can also be transfered into more grain bags to multiply spawn (mycelium) very quickly before then transfering to bulk substrate like our casing soils or it can also be cased using a classic mushroom casing technique or transferred into wood or straw substrate for most edible mushrooms.

  Doing grain to grain transfers saves a lot of time and spores (or culture) due to the fact that mycelium is already strong and multiplying at a very fast rate, so at the point of transfering colonization can be expected within days instead of  weeks. We always recommend an optimal ratio of 1 part mycelium (spawn) to 3 parts bulk substrate (additional grain, casing soil, sawdust or wood, or straw, or compost). This is specially true when transfering to a casing mix.

****This item may take anywhere from 12-30 days to ship! We always try to get it to you as fast as possible, but everything is meticulously hand made and scrutinized for perfection. Definitely worth the wait! You may check the progress at any time by emailing us.****
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