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6-01-2012: Today's Restock: Treasure Coast, Amazon, Cambodia, Shiitake, also sterilized rye berry bags with injector site. 5-30-2012: Today's Restock: Liquid Culture Kit Restocks and Mycobags! 5-19-2012: Today's Restock: 10 lb dung and straw casing / compost bags. 5-15-2012 Today's Restock: 6 lb sterilized substrate bag. 5-12-2012 Today's Restock: Golden Teachers and Space Coast. 5-10-2012 Reinvigorating Cultures: ganoderma lucidum, pleurotus pulmonarius, grifola frondosa, pleurotus ostreatus, laetiporus conifericola. More cultures can be found on our edible mushroom cultures page. 5-9-2012 Today's Restock: Shooting Stars, Psilocybe Azurescens, Pholiota Nameko Culture. 5-8-2012 Today's Restock: gulf coast, malabar, amazon, tasmania. 5-4-2012 Today's Restock: Brazil and Koh Samui classic! 5-3-2012 Today's Restock: SPORES! Pan Cyan Florida, Great White Monster, Burma, Creepers, "Penis Envy" Spore Syringes. 5-1-2012 Today's Restock: 10 lb worm castings bag, more Hawaiian cubensis, pink buffalo, and BRAND NEW Deep Delta Blues which we did a giveaway on Check our Facebook Page for latest restock news and also the 'Topia for a great mycology community! 4-24-2012 We have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account (@EarthsTongue) so feel free to communicate with us! Today's Restock: 6 lb bags are cooking RIGHT NOW, 1/2 pint rice mix, Golden Teacher Spores and Cambodia spores are ready to roll out! 2-7-2012 We are proud to announce that we have been sponsoring FUNGI MAGAZINE since their Special Volume 4 - No3:Summer 2011 Issue "The History, The lore, the Science of Psilocybe" all the way to the new issues being printed now. We were also offered a spot on their site and we now also help sponsor their incredible site full of wonderful information on everything to do with mushrooms. I highly recommend if you are a mycophile to get a subscription to their magazine. There are some very intelligent articles specially when it comes to medicinal mushrooms and their uses and lots of science. Please go to WWW.FUNGIMAG.COM and Check it out! Thanks!

1-20-2012 We have re-stocked a lot of our Exclusive Freezable syringes. Now you can choose to get the "Deep freeze" option on most of our spore syringes. Just chose the type you want. We are the only spore supplier in the world that has a freezable spore syringe, proven to work flawlessly even after 3 years of below zero deep freeze storage! We are also the only spore supplier in the world that has a contaminant resistant spore solution as in the "New Moon" option. We offer 3 different types of spore syringes, the "Old School" type, the "New Moon" type, and the "Deep Freeze" type. No other spore supplier in the world even comes close, period! For more information on our Deep Freeze or New Moon please Go Here.

Also now in stock are Great White Monster Spore Prints Oak Ridge 1st Gen Spore prints Pink Buffalo Spore prints Treasure Coast Spore Prints

1-12-11 Now Available is the Albino(ish) "Great White Monster" that was accidentally created by NHMI from Shroomotopia. Check it out HERE CUBENSIS: "GREAT WHITE MONSTER" OH and since I hadn't mentioned it before the famous Cubensis: Oakridge 1st Gen is in stock as well.
11-5-10 We are getting ready for the cold weather coming and so we are stocking up on our Worlds Only Freezable super concentrated spore syringe the "Deep freeze" on various strains which we didnt have that option available before. On our list of added strains which are now available is freezable are: CUBENSIS 'CREEPER' "DEEP FREEZE" CUBENSIS AUSTRALIAN "DEEP FREEZE" CUBENSIS GOLDEN TEACHER "DEEP FREEZE" and also in "OLD SCHOOL" CUBENSIS GULF COAST "DEEP FREEZE" CUBENSIS MALABAR "DEEP FREEZE" AND "OLD SCHOOL" CUBENSIS TAZMANIA "DEEP FREEZE" AND LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST ... WE NOW HAVE OUR BELOVED THAILAND STRAIN "PINK BUFFALO" BACK IN STOCK AFTER OVER A YEAR!
10-31-10 Check out our new Spawning with Rye and Compost Video!
9-22-10 We are in the process of purifying the cultures from the spores we brought back. Is indeed a difficult task at hand. Foreign molds are growing extremely fast compared to mycelium speeds. We are ending up having to slow it down by placing the petri dishes in the fridge for some time to allow for the mycelium a chance. Mycelium grows faster than contams in the cold. We already have some purified cultures on agar and also some extremely tough ones to clean out. But we are still in the early stages and are exited for whats to come!

8-9-10 Heres a video of our Mushroom Hunting Expedition in Mexico in July of 2010. PS. Sorry there hasnt been an update in a bit but weve been crazy busy!! Lots of goodies already ready to be released and many in the works. Stay Tuned!

1-19-10 After extensive research we now have perfected the Rye Berry Quart Jars with 0.1 micron filter and rubber injection site. These are awesome, check 'em out:
1-08-10 Happy New Year! 11-16-09 A new Strain Available. The Space Coast Florida Cubensis Great strain we've been working on for the past year or more. Wild specimen with great MOJO GENETICS. Check it out. Earth's Tongue exclusive! 10-14-09 A new product which is very easy to use similar to the jars but instead its a tall bag with about 3-4 pint jars worth of mixture for the affordable price of only $19.95 a piece. That's a super low price!! Check out the new Sterilized Mycobag with Injectorsite Also we have lowered our prices for all of our COMPOST BAGS, check them out HERE including the ET MIX, Dung and Straw, and Worm Castings mixture! We also now carry an assortment of laboratory supplies like agar, petri dishes, micron disks, autoclavable spawn bags, pre-sterilized malt agar, sterilization monitors, and more!!
9-10-09 We now have the long awaited Golden Teachers back in stock in the spores page!!! Also we have Treasure Coast back in stock as well as Australian!

9-04-09 Earth's Tongue is now on Twitter! Follow us HERE for updates.
4-26-09 Now you can get hardwood plugs pre-colinized with excellent high quality exotic cultures. All homemade with nutritional additives for long lasting results. Check these out Also, Storm Chasers, Gulf Coast, and Space Coast Pan. Cyan. is back in stock!! 3-16-09 We will be closed from the 16th of March till the 20th of March 2-4-09 Starting off the year well. We are now sponsoring a great online mushroom forum full of great information and knowledgeable people. Please visit and join SHROOMOTOPIA.NET We are also now carrying some very nice microscopes at a good price. 1-24-09 YEY!! The incredibly popular Golden Teachers spores are back in stock after several months. Also now available are Tasmanian spore prints. 1-17-09 Half Pint Jars are finally back in stock! 10-21-08 I have posted an online presentation of what exactly "New Moon" spore syringes are. I heard some of you asking questions and some of you were confuced with a few things, so I went ahead and took care of all those questions HERE ON WHAT IS NEW MOON?
Also, I have introduced for this winter At Earth's Tongue llc THE WORLD's FIRST COMPLETELY FREEZABLE SPORE SYRINGE (same link as above, just scroll down.) Not all the spore types (species and strains) will be available in freezable but we will add them as an option as we go.
All our spore syringe types (New Moon, Old School, Freezable) are still the same price!!

9-22-08 We have added another priced sacred mushroom to our collection of spores for microscopy The Psilocybe Mexicana jalisco strain in 20cc syringes and prints!!! Also we now have more Cubensis B+ prints for sale AND More Cubensis Hawaiian prints for sale AND.... We also have added the infamous Blue Oyster Pleurotus Columbinus A super fast colonizer with gorgeous blue hues and huge fruits as well. Sure to please the most sophisticated palate.

8-20-08 Some new and exciting products have been added to our Spores for Microscopy Page. We now have 20cc spore syringes of the following rare to extremely rare mushrooms. The wood loving, cold fruiting and the world's most potent hallucinogenic mushroom. Psilocybe Azurescens "Flying Saucers" From Jalisco Mexico, the extremely rare Psilocybe Villarrealiae From the sub tropical regions of Mexico, Central and South America, the very rare mushroom named for the Zapotecs Psilocybe Zapotecorum And now available through the site is the hybrid we have been giving free samples of to all our good customers who have ordered recently. Psilocybe Cubensis "Storm Chasers"
8-04-08 We have re-opened. If you have called and left messages, please call back with any questions you might have had. The phone will be checked often, so if we don't answer right away, please leave a message. I will still be attending physical therapy and dealing with health issues, including a surgery soon, but I got a good team here to take care of the place while I am not here. Since I am unable to walk at the moment I will still be doing lab work, but more moderately than before. Please be patient as technically I should be in bed and not moving around like I have been, but that's just me, you can't keep me down. I really don't trust anybody else to do what I do around here (even if it were an experienced mycologist) so I do not want to give my tasks to anybody else. Quality control, that's what I am. Anyways, I am happy to be re-opening and will be starting to ship orders out as usual during the week. We will try to keep the times frames of shipping like before, but it might take a few days longer to receive your order than usual, although we will be doing our best! Thanks! -Ben 7-28-08 Well, I received my results today of the MRI of my right knee. The ACL ligament of my knee is completely torn and I will need to have surgery. I am not sure when but soon. This has me worried as far as Earth's Tongue goes and all the projects we have ligned up for you. I am not sure how long my rehabilitation is going to take after the surgery, but the doctors predict at least 2-3 months. I do most of the lab work around here so I can probably do some of it in a wheel chair, but I also do most of the heavy lifting around here. I am trying to make arrangements here with the rest of the crew and they are willing to pitch in so I am really thankful to have them around. Alisha's finger is getting better so that's a good thing. Plans to re-open on August 2nd are still unclear though and the possibility for us to have to close for a prolonged amount of time is also an unfortunate reality. I guess we'll see very soon. I want to thank you again for the get well letters you guys have sent me, and I want to thank you for being not just good customers but good friends. -Ben 7-28-08 UPDATED 6 LB BULK SUBSTRATE BAGS We have redesigned the 6 lb bulk substrate bags. We have a unique size and shaped bag with exclusive rights to it. Meaning that nobody else out there can use this design without our permission. Our new bags are twice as thick as the previous bags we were using which had to be handled with special care. These new bags are more resistant to tears and micro punctures. Also, it is the only bag in the mushroom field with double filters. That's right, not one but two 0.1 micron filtration filter patches back to back (highest grade filters available, also more expensive). Allowing for fresh oxygen and CO2 exchange, and providing an extra clean home for the substrate inside and double protection for your investment. These bags also last a lot longer than the previous bags and we are confident that they will work great for you. Another extra exclusive innovation from Earth's Tongue and we have decided to provide this product update free of charge to you. We are confident that this product will work better than any other similar product out there. We have also extended our bag warranty from 2 weeks (or 14 days) to 20 days. This bag takes no longer than 20 days to fully colonize. This DOES NOT mean that you can have it sitting there for days or weeks before you inoculate it or use it. You still have to use it immediately once you receive it, which is the whole point of us preparing it fresh AFTER you order it, and not before like other companies do. EVERYTHING we ship to you is FRESHLY prepared no more than 2 days before its shipped to you. 7-22-08 I went to my first physical therapy session today. These sessions are going to be taking up a lot of my time several times a week and I have been giving it some thought about closing down the shop until I get better since I do most of the lab work at Earth's Tongue. The rest of the Earth's Tongue crew is willing to take over my side of the job until I get better but my decision to close Earth's Tongue for 10 days seems to be the less stressful thing for us all and will give me time to focus on getting better. So as of today the 23rd of July, we will be closed until the 2nd of August. Only orders that have been placed previous to this date (the 23rd) will be shipped by the end of this week. DON'T WORRY, IF YOU HAVE AN ORDER, OFCOURSE IT WON'T BE LEFT TO SHIP UNTIL WE RE-OPEN, WE WILL GET IT SHIPPED THIS WEEK! Thanks to all of you who have left me get well messages. I really appreciate it very much! -Ben 7-20-08 Unfortunately I was involved in a bad car accident on the 18th and got really badly beaten up. I was passenger but the car hit a telephone post directly on my side going 55mph and no air bags were deployed. I am very lucky to have survived with just bruises, however at the moment I cannot walk without crutches and need to be in bed as much as posible. The pain is extreme without pain killers so I am sorry to say that orders will be taking a few days longer to ship out than usual since I will be requiring help to do most of the things I do around here and my right hand helper here was also involved in the accident and might be having surgery in her hand today. Anyways I hope you guys understand and I hope I heal fast because I hate not beeing able to work and specially hate getting behind on orders. I ask from you to please send some good energy our way as insignificant as you think yours might be....that's not true, all good energy is important and is not in vain. Send us healing vibes and it will come back to you I promise! -Ben 6-18-08 We have some new Psilocybe Subaeruginosa prints collected from Melbourne, Australia. We also have spore syringes available here. Psilocybe Subaeruginosa 5-10-08 We are very excited! We have now closed the deal with a distributor locally in San Antonio, Texas where you can walk in and pick up some growing kits from Earth's Tongue. Some very special kits that are only available directly from them. We would say that they are the easiest kit ever produced. No injecting and no growing containers required. Everything is built in. If you want to pick one up hurry because they are already flying off the shelf. There was a customer waiting there that drove from Houston just to get one of these special kits. Call Lazy Daze at 210-541-0420 4-30-08 We are now able to accept American Express cards! For those who have asked in the past it is now available for purchases. Also, we have set-up a way for you to pay through Paypal on the order check-out. International order now have to go through Paypal to order due to credit card risks involved in international orders. We've never had a problem before but the credit card processor does, so we cannot process international cards internally. For international orders please use Paypal or just send in a money order. Thanks! 4-14-08 We have our new shopping cart working again now. YOu may order as usual like before. Sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused. 3-21-08 PLEASE READ ABOUT OUR RIP OFF REPORT SCAM HERE
We are having trouble with our shopping cart. Please call to place your order 210-772-3336. We should have it fixed in the next couple of days.


11-5-07 We are now on MYSPACE! Come leave some feedback and comments.
10-31-07 Hi folks, we have changed our image a bit in order to be and feel renewed. It was a good year for us, and we are doing our best to improve the site. Again we have to thank all of you who have been loyal customers throughout the many years we have been in business. Lots of work in progress now, so keep an eye out for new products, spores, and cultures coming soon.
08-08-07 New customer service line 210-772-3336 Only between the hours of 12pm and 8pm CST.
06-02-07 We will be out of town for the next two weeks on a mushroom hunting trip. If you have any questions or have an order pending or are thinking about placing an order, you will receive an answer when we return and your order will proceed as normal when we return. Thank You for supporting us we love you.
07-29-06 Some of your recent spore orders have had our new "New Moon" syringes which are surprizingly dark! They are HIGHLY contam resistant and so packed full of spores that you will know why we call them "New Moon." The only of its kind in the world! Enjoy them for the same price as our regular old school syringes for a limited time only. 05-22-06 We are currently out of town at the moment until June 1st. If you have any questions or have an order pending or are thinking about placing an order, you will receive an answer when we return and your order will proceed as normal when we return. Thank You for supporting us we love you. 01-25-06 If you have questions about if we have any culture in stock just ask us. We are currently updating our culture bank and may be able to provide you with many different super high quality edible and medicinal mushroom cultures at a low cost to you. PS. God bless you, and may your dreams come true this year. 10-11-05 We will be out of town from the 12th until the 18th of this month for a mushroom conference in Washington (IMMC). We are very sorry about any pending orders that cannot be shipped before we leave. I know there are a couple of rye berry orders pending a few jar orders and a lot of everything else that will have to shipped after we come back. There will be no customer service until then although we will try to answer some. The main person that answers our e-mails is preparing for surgery tomorrow so I am unsure as to their recovery time after the surgery... if and when they will be able to begin answering e-mails again. All new orders during these dates will be processed upon our return in a speedier fashion. Thanks for baring with us. Any delayed orders will include freebies. 05-01-05 NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE! Sorry for those of you who e-mailed last month and got no reply. We have a new reliable customer service rep that will be able to help you very well now and in the future. THANKS! 02-03-05 Wow. The new year in flying by. Lots of interesting stuff going on this year already for me personally and for everyone here at Earth's Tongue. We have lots of goals for us this year. Some of them are to finally begin posting some of the 70% unposted products that we have been working on. Including several new gourmet cultures. Renew our existing ones and have fun doing it. There have been lots of unfulfilled promises but that will just have to change. Our shipping times have already began to improve thanks to a loved new member of our team. For this month we are providing you with 2 new strains of Cubensis strains not available ANYWHERE else guaranteed. Please visit our discounts page We have great new deals!!!! Get them while they last. Well we wish you a HAPPY and much better year in all of your live aspects and ambitions. Much LOVE from me and from ET. 11-8-04 A lot of everything is back in stock! 09-29-04 About time for an update. We have a full time customer service now. E-mails are being answered on a daily basis sometimes every couple of days. If you have a technical question please allow up to a week to be answered, but regular customer service questions are being answered daily. We have restocked on several strains of spores including the B+, AMZ, T3, and a few new strains that will be posted soon. One of them is a little unique surprise. Thanks for all your support during the difficult times. Any delayed orders are shipping shortly within the next couple of days so if you have an order you have yet to receive, it will be leaving by the end of this week. Quality is always maximum here, and we will never rush anything just so it gets to you. If it's not higher than the highest standard, we will not ship it. Order filling times have been updated in our FAQ page. Although our goal is to ship spores within the week, we will not promise you that. Although it shouldn't have to be either or. We are not a place to shop for convenience. We are a place to shop for lowest prices and highest quality. Straight up. The way we view it is you go to the convenience store to get something on the fly, but you will end up paying quite a bit more than if you go to the store and you will not get the same quality or freshness. Soon we hope to have speed on our side as well, but rest asure that all our products' quality will exceed ANY in the market today or tomorrow at any price. We encourage customer comparison in your reserach. Besides all this: I LOVE MORALITO. 04-13-04 �The status of orders is going from 3-7 days at the moment for spore only orders and for jar orders is still the same 12-30 days or sooner. E-mails are checked on a weekly basis now and sometimes a bi-weekly basis, so if you are awaiting a reply, it could take up to a week to receive a reply. Thanks again. Bisentez 03-31-04 Orders are pretty much caught up all the way now. E-mails are still a little behind now by a few days, but they will be answered all today. E-mails will be checked on a bi-weekly basis until things settle down more or until we find a new customer service rep. However, orders are now being shipped regularly and we are back on track order wise. Orders are shipped within 3 days at the moment. If you have any questions about an order please e-mail the yahoo account, but first check your order tracking on the website to see if it's been shipped yet. Thanks, Bisentez PS. remember that the hushmail e-mail account is only for e-mailing credit card numbers. Some people are expecting replies to regular questions from that account and we do not answer regular inquiries from that account. Sorry. Please email the yahoo account for anything besides credit card numbers. Thank you.
02-22-04 ��Golden Oysters are now available in fully colonized agar petri dishes, 20 cc culture syringes, and in complete large grow kits. Many more pictures will be added to the Golden Oysters page soon. Also a few pictures were added and editted from our Lion's Mane page. Take a look.
02-13-04 ��2 New strains have been added to our main spores page. The Brazil strain is now available in small quantities and for a limited time we are offering them in 10cc syringes. We won't usually sell 10cc syringes unless we really have a limited supply, so untill we stock up on this strain you may try them out for only $10.00!.
��Another new strain available is the Cambodian Dwarf with an intoductory price of only $14.00 for a loaded 20cc syringe. From Cambodia and definitely different growing large wide caps but having a very short stem. They are interesting.

02-12-04 A new edible mushroom has been added to our edibles and medicianals page. Thick rhyzomorphic cultures of Pholiota Nameko are available now. Check out the new page.

02-11-04 The Tasmanian page is finally finished and is now available for purchase again, hope you enjoy it. Prints are also available now.
��The Mexi-Cubs have also been restocked, updated and moved into our main spore page.
��We have restocked Cambodia, Golden Teachers, Treasure Coasts, Pink Buffalos, Lipa Yai and others. Updated availability has been posted on the site.
��Also, a few new Malabar and Puerto Rico pictures have been posted.

02-09-04 Still a lot of work to be done. We have restocked on several strains and more prints will be available for sale for different strains. ���We have re-done the Amazon page completely, you should check it out. Prints are available again now as well.
���The Treasure Coast page is complete and stock will be added very shortly. Prints of Treasure Coast are available now.
The Tazmanian page will be completed within the next couple of days so stay tuned for that one shortly.
Also finished is the "poor man's terrarium" TEK.
���At the moment there is still about a years' worth of unposted material, but we've been trying to go through it all and get pictures editted and posted as promptly as possible. Several updates will continue to happen every month so you will be seeing something new all the time as we continue updating the web-site.
���Thanks for everything and we love you very much.

01-08-04 Hi folks, it's been over a month since our last update. December was kind of a slow month for us sales wise which helped us get a lot of pending and new projects and researchs started and finished. Homongous updates are happening as we speak. Within the next few weeks we will be working on an updated INFO page with tons of different and new teks with cool pictures. We have everything ready and will be posting it little by little as we go.
We have recently updated our order check out making it easier to order from us yet still maintaining a high level of security both for you and for us. It's just less confusing more than anything. You no longer have to add the disclaimer to your shopping cart as a product. You must still agree to our disclaimer, but it is now added to the order form in the order check-out automatically and will appear as a choice of wether you agreee to our disclaimer or not. Shipping times have also been cut down to 3 days or less from the day you order!
Today the Amazonian cubensis is now back in stock and is available at the same low price! We recently aquired fresh print of Astoria Azurescens and are selling them in PRINT form only. They are rather expensive, but they are worth it and they were difficult to aquire. Coming very soon, the Cambodian cubensis will be back in stock as well as the Thailand-Koh Samui T3 including some new pictures. Also, new pictures, info and availability for the Tazmanian and the Treasure Coast strains will be posted soon.
Other new updates coming soon include several new edible and medicinal mushrooms strains in clone, culture or syringe form. Expect to see at least 4 new species within the next week or two. Lots of pictures and info will be available for these species. New products including new mixtures in jars and bags will also be posted soon so keep your eye out for all these updates coming soon!
12-01-03 We are proud to announce that we are currently shipping out orders faster than ever, and our inventory system has been very successful in streamlining our shipping times. Our casing soil is also shipping immediately as we have those inventoried as well. They are prepared and then frozen until they are ordered. We will only prepare about 2 weeks worth of casing soils so that they are not frozen very long. Upon ordering, we sterilize it and ship it immediately. Still just as fresh as always, just shipping a lot faster. As soon as our frozen stock runs out, the casing soils will be unavailable to order until we restock. We try to restock all items as promptly as possible. The only items we do not keep in stock is our FRESH pre-prepared and sterilized jars. We know that fresh jars show better results. We have conducted a controlled study to compare "time tested" jars with freshly made jars. We found that the "time tested" jars would contaminate faster when we purposely introduced contaminants. ��We also found that contaminants were more likely to develop on their own with the jars that have been aging. Often "time tested" jars would show no sign of contaminants until after innoculation of sterile solution. We believe that the time that the jar is just sitting and losing it's freshness, contaminants will produce at abnormal speeds to make up for time lost. For instance, the movie 'Forever Young,' even though the actor in the movie is frozen and does not age, when he is unfrozen his body speeds up his aging process in a short period of time to make up for while he was frozen. We found that with fresh jars, contaminates would develop slower and with less impact, which gives the mycelium a better chance at overtaking it and growing over the contaminant.
We would like to thank all of our customers, past and present and future. We hope to bring you not only superior products and information, but superior service.
11-21-03 Check out our new unbeatable SPECIALS
11-20-03 The very last of the late orders have left today, and only a few remain for tomorrows shipment. Today we have re-opened the spore section with the new automated Stock Counter that will automatically keep stock of spores up to date until supplies run out. We will be making more solution and more spore syringes as the strains go out of stock. Our goal is to ship all new spore orders within 3 days. This will prevent the ordering of an out of stock item and can be shipped right away, so if you've ordered before and received your order late, please give us another try as we are radically changing our spore order shipping times. You will receive the HIGHEST quality spores on the net at the LOWEST prices guaranteed. Thank You for all your support.
ordered 3 times or more gets 8% OFF
ordered 6 or more times gets 15% OFF
Just put in the comments section of your order and we can check the amount of times you've ordered from us and give you the corresponding discount. How can we keep repeat customer info safe? Hushmail File Storage.
Also, new in stock are Astoria Azurescens in 10cc syringes and "Creepers" in dark 20cc syringes. Check out our new medicinals and edible species as well! Have a great day.
11-13-03 Tests are in. All spores tested free of contaminants. Most pending spore order will be leaving today and the rest will be leaving tomorrow, check your order tracking for shipping confirmation number between tonight and tomorrow night. Also, ALL ET MIX casing soils and calcium chloride orders are leaving today as well, check the order tracking tonight for tracking or delivery confirmation numbers. You should be getting an e-mail when it's shipped. The Dung and Straw casing soils will be leaving here on Saturday. We expect to be completely caught up by next week. The new automatic stock controller will be implemented into the site by next week some time to avoid any late orders and prompt, fast shipping. Thank you very much. All late spore orders will be receiving a free "Creepers" 10cc spore syringe.
11-10-03 CASING SOILS: All pending orders with casing soils are being prepared. They will be ready to ship by Wednesday if ordered alone. If ordered with spores, will ship Thursday, as we are still waiting for those results. Freebie included with late orders will be either a 10cc Creepers or a 10cc Hawaii. If you prefer one over the other, please send a simple email with your order number and which one. Thank you once again for your patience and support.
11-7-03 All discounted spores HAVE been taken care of today. A tracking will be posted today. All regular spore orders will be shipped by Wednesday night, Thursday morning this coming week. Undergoing tests on all res-stocked spores. All spore orders on hold until tests are received in 5 days. We had pretty much run out of stock on all strains, but new batches have been made and tests are being run right now to prevent contamination problems before shipment. Thank You VERY MUCH for your patience.
A new Automated stock counter will be added to ALL spore strains to prevent any future delays by the end of next week. This way you will not be waiting on something that is out of stock and the automated counter will prevent any orders of out of stock items. NO MORE WAITING AFTER THIS IS SET UP.
Updates on our rye berry page has been posted and a new page has been made reguarding spawning with rye berries. All this info is accessible through our rye berry page. Many more new updates and pages will be posted soon.

Hey there mushroom people. I just want to let you know that we appreciate your support INCREDIBLY!!!!!!!!!, and that we are working on several deals to help re-pay your great beautiful spirits since you guys have helped us out so much. We have been working on several discount and friendship concepts to the people that support our web-site and enjoy our products. We just finished publishing our liquidation/clearance page displaying in the Nav Bars at left. Here's where you can get some great deals on spores that we are clearing out at super cheap prices. We have been planning for a while and will be soon publishing a special discount that will apply to our friends at the Nook and possibly The Donkey in the near future. The amount of discount will be determined by how long you've been a member and member ID has to be proven.
There will also be a special discount that will apply to all of our old & good re-peat customers. The more you order from us, the bigger the discount you can get towards any of our products!
We are very sorry for any recent late orders. We are working to improve our shipping times. Thank you for everybody who has been patient. We have changed the shipping times on spore orders to a couple of days longer than usual, but we are not expecting delays on any new orders.
We've been super busy the past couple of months working on several ongoing projects. We have been preparing a very complete Casing and Spawning INFO page. It will contain information on how to grow mushrooms using casing soils and spawn bags. The page will have lots of new pictures and documentation of some of the studies that we've conducted using our 3 different casing soils with step by step procedures on expanding your substrate in bins and different types of containers. It will also identify the different kinds of molds that you have to watch out for with close up pictures to help people recognize it right away if and/or when they encounter it. Hopefully it will completely take the guess work out of casings forever. A separate guide will be provided with also lots of info and pictures for the process of spawning substrate inside the bags as well.
We are also working to post some more pictures on our spore availability page for several strains that do not have a picture within the next few weeks. We will also be bringing you some new strains that will be ready for availability sometime before the end of the year.

For the past year or so we have been working hard on several gourmet species, and we now have isolated cultures and clones of beautiful specimens and delicious easy to grow gourmet mushrooms. Including several purely medicinal species. We will also be offering grow-kits for the different species. This page should be coming any time now. Check back frequently as a lot of new stuff is on it's way and we are very exited about it.
Other ongoing projects that are now coming together are several completely NEW and ORIGINAL products that you will enjoy, some of these are surprises and I cannot divulge any information at this time, but you will surely enjoy them. Some of these products include some new mixtures designed for harder to grow and exotic species of mushrooms including a BRAND NEW dung mixture that will be offered in jars for dung loving species in which spores can colonize easily and they do not require a dung casing to fruit. A mixture for woodloving species has been in the work for some time now as well. About a couple of years. We finally have found an awesome super fresh hardwood supply and we have been testing the new mixture. This is an incredible deal to us as this will definitely make it a lot easier for anybody to grow the incredibly hard to grow woodloving species that has seemed too hard to grow. Our woodloving mixture will help people grow woodloving species in as little as 3 months VS up to 2 years sometimes. Other new mixtures and interesting products are in progress at the moment.
We have recently increased the amount of spores included in our syringes by 50-150%. The spores are EASILY visible in the syringe and when placed against a white background you can see layers and circles of spores which contain billions of spores. When the syringe is smacked, the spores are releazed back into the solution clouding the syringe with billions of microscopic spores. For anybody who would like to place international orders, or for people who would like to e-mail sensitive information such as credit card numbers etc. We have now created a Hushmail account: . Please ONLY only send these kind of emails to that address since we only have a limited account with them. For order inquiries and general questions, etc. please email our regular yahoo email address.
However it is not 100% secure unless you also have an e-mail account with them as well. That is because the encryption needs to be done on both ends to be safe. They offer 2048 bit encryption. The highest encryption available. You can sign up for a COMPLETELY FREE e-mail account HERE
We have some cool pictures that we will be soon posting from our August wild gourmet mushroom expedition in central MEXICO. Quite interesting indeed, gourmet mushrooms grow wild there like lawn mushrooms grow in the US, except 1000+ times more abundantly. Talk about picking your food in the morning....literally. People live off of these mushrooms in certain parts of the mountains. Just give us a little time. We will also in the future be offering some of these species for home cultivation for the first time that we know of in the US.

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH. We love you. Every single one of you. We hope to help enlighten your lives with only positive energy, and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer including our never ending work to seek and find the truth inside the truth, as well as making the cultivation of fungi, easier, better, and more fun.
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