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This section is a short section, because there is not much to it.
As long as there is a window in the room, there will be sufficient light for your mushrooms to grow. In fact all your mushrooms really need is a few minutes of light a day to grow. All they need the light for is to know which way is up so they know which way to grow, but the amount of light given will not affect wether you get mushrooms or not. The heigth of your mushrooms will also not be determined by the amount of light provided. Sometimes mushrooms will grow longer if they have less light. One way to use light to your advantage though, is by using blue light as your number 1 source of light. Blue light has proven to be the best spectrum for mushrooms, than any other spectrum on Earth. Shown to stimulate upward growth, speed of growth, and overall health. What is mostly recommended for use is blue LED lights, but LED lights are really hard to find, and they are really really tiny, so you would need A LOT of them to even make a difference in your chamber. So forget LED lights. You can integrate the use of blue light by choosing a blue container as your growth chamber. The kind that isn't transparent, but will still let light through. This way, any and all light that enters the growth chamber will turn blue. :) You can accent this blue light by placing a fluorescent lightbulb on top of the lid for a few hours a day.

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