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Earth's Tongue: Let a Drop of the Tongue Enlighten You

Psilocybe zapotecorum. This rare Mexican mushroom has been used in spiritual ceremonies for many centuries. This highly prized "teonanacatl" is also known as the "Crown of Thorns" by Mexican natives. Teonanacatl means "Gods flesh" in Nahuatl tongue.
Zapotecorum mushroom species is the strongest psilocybe mushroom of all Mexico to date. Mexico has the largest number of described psilocibin mushroom species in the whole world. It is believed that it is because the Mexican race was chosen for spiritual enlightenment from long long before, as the chosen people to receive the sacred sacraments of God. Also being the country where peyote grows wild as well as all the Ayahuasca or DMT containing plants. These sacraments are still used today by shamans to cure thousands of sick and dying people from things like cancer, HIV, mental disorders, spiritual ailments, etc. 
Our society today has distanced themselves from their roots and their spiritual nature leaving them more vulnerable to disease and misinformation from the media and government. Denying your spiritual development is denying your rights to grow as a spirit in a physical embodiment (which is what we all are) and to learn something you otherwise would not have learned about yourself or about your life path. Learning to truly love others as you love yourself. If you allow your spirit to grow, you live in a higher state of consciousness and you vibrate at a higher frequency and with a higher chakra. This attracts other positive vibrations and positive life changes.



  1. lisa ortiz on April 6, 2014 at 7:14 AM said:
    awesome web site.. ive been searching for this top knotch info. first time ive been trying to close it for hours daylight is approaching. lol
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