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Earth's Tongue: Let a Drop of the Tongue Enlighten You

Amanita Tecomate.
A very delicious choice edible mushroom. Almost identical to the European variety of Amanita Caesarea.
This variety is known to the locals of Mexico as "Yemita" meaning "Yolk" like yolk from an egg.
Not only does this Amanita have the right color to be called that, but as some of you know, Amanitas are born from what looks like egg sacks
that eventually break to grow the stalk of the mushroom from it and the cap.
This mushroom actually tastes like egg yolk when cooked making it even more appealing and unique.
It is one of the most amazing flavors I have ever tried.
We had ourselves some Amanita Tecomates cooked in our breakfast omelet this past August while we were mushroom hunting in Mexico,
and its just one of the most amazing flavors I have ever tried from a mushroom and in general as well.

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