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  1. King Tuber sclerotia. The cat finally made it out of the bag!
    This is a 6 month old sclerotia. It will be buried for fruiting in a few days.
    Sclerotia should be dunked under spring water for 24-48 hours to re-hydrate before burying

  2. Cloning a wild native conk. Its a bit past its ripe stage so we'll
    hope for the best. The red color indicating of Ganoderma species. So trying to
    get its DNA for any medicinal properties it might contain. We always use our
    portable flowhood away from our main lab to do such work with wild sporulating
    specimens to prevent contamination of our main lab. Took a flesh sample from
    the inside, took a sample from the pores which contain the spores,
    and took another flesh sample from underneath the pore surface.

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