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Earth's Tongue: Customer Testimonials. We Love You Guys!


Always glad to support ET. Love your passion and drive to be the best at what you do. You have a Loyal and satisfied customer in me.

Just wanted to let you guys know you're F***ing amazing!  I've been ordering from you periodically for the last 14 years and I've never been disappointed.  Always impressed.  Keep up the awesome work!  Have a great day, and I hope 2018 is a spectacular year for you guys!


Been using you guys for years. Fantastic service

I just wanted to thank you for everything! From products to professionalism
A+++ you guys rock!!!

Thank you shipping was awesome !! Product looks awesome too! Thank u again. Have a wonderful new year!


Dear earths tongue, Ben, and the people there with you , I've received my order and I am completely pleased. I thoroughly appreciate my freebies, too. Please have a most excellent holiday plus a best ever new year. I'll be back for some precious metal instructors, many thanks,  -bob-.



 Earth's Tongue is hands-down the absolute best resource for your mycological needs.  They offer an amazing variety of super high-quality products as well as great information and customer support. The prices are competitive, but their product quality WAY WAY WAY BETTER than anything else I have tried! Look no further.  Seriously.  
 Thank You Fine Folks at Earth's Tongue!

Earths Tongue once again came through. I ordered years back and now they have done nothing but gotten BETTER!! My choice strain was out of stock. I simply requested a estimated time frame which was given. The time frame was met. For the ones complaining on Facebook. I believe patience is the Key. Quality takes time!  


I've been buying spores from ET for over 8 years for my mycology studies. Best spores I've been able to find. Thanks.



As always, Such a Pleasure to have a trusted spore vendor- again and again, the fruits of your efforts are much appreciated in Hawaii! Mahalo Nui Loa!



Love you guys, keep up the good work



Thanks for the wonderful work you do, you guys are my #1 source, and the products you provide are of great quality and even if there was ever a mistake you guys have always stood by your product, which sadly less and less people do these days :(



Just got my shipping notice. Thank you Ben. You guys are the best I have never ordered anyplace else and won't

It was very interesting learning about your company. since then i have learned a lot. i am also a previous customer, speed of service and genuine reliability and knowledge of service make a pleasure in business. excited to try my hand at growing lions mane . i plan to learn as i go, any tips would be appreciated...


By the way I like how you have organized
your web page.  Very professional.
Thank You


heard nothing but good things. my first time purchasing your spores, very excited



Love your products and costumer service have happy holidays



Just wanted to thank Ya'll for the wonderful spores. I ordered Burmese and they are a very insightful and inspiring. I will definitely be a return customer. Peace be with you



I actually heard about you off of I was looking for supplies there and I'm the customer comments someone mentioned ya'll and now I'm here ordering, of course after reading all of the great reviews and customer loyalty you can find anywhere in the forums of The Shoomery.



Whats up

ben i appreciate the quick responses on the penis envy. I also just wanted to say i put the penis envy to use last night. Bro! I just looked at them today and there's already signs in 12 hrs of inoc. Ben you and the crew down at ET f'ing rock. That's why you guys are the only vendor that's ever got my business and hard earned dollar since i started this hobby , a little over 2yrs ago, and i will keep doing so. Yall have an awesome day!



Thanks for the great service and communication.  Herbert

A old and very good friend of mine has only had great things to say about Earth Tongue and always suggested that if I were looking or such materials to check out the website first.



I am super super super happy with my order.  Thank you again so much :)


I originally found your company through Google. The quality of your spore syringes compared to others I have bought from any other companies far exceeds in superiority. I bought my first spores form you for microscopy, but due to how impressive the syringes were just coming out of the box alone, I had to get my hands on some of your medicinal and edible cultures for growing. Thank you all for selling such amazing and honest products as you do. I'm keeping my out out for your Reishi cultures to be back in stock for a definite future purchase :)



A friend of mine was very happy with his purchase from you guys and assured me you wouldn't let me down.. now this is my second time ordering from you guys and i know it wont be my last! Stenson


"Earth’s Tongue doesn't just sell mushrooms; you sell experiences of accomplishment, learning, and wonder!
I’m an artsy science nerd who loves learning about the world around me. Any chance to combine art and science; cooking and mushroom cultivation for example is a blast.
Something piques my interest and I start self study on the subject which often leads to a desire for practical hands on experience; Beekeeping, raising chickens, and now mushroom cultivation to compliment my love of cooking.  
 Studying about mushrooms and their cultivation gave me an understanding of things that could go awry and made it clear that ordering from a reliable vendor was the first step toward success. Reading vendor reviews and posts suggested that service and product reliability could vary from one vendor to another.
 I decided to order from Earth’s Tongue for several reasons; the website is well designed, great visuals, and they provide information that addressed the concerns I had as a first timer. Earth’s Tongue went beyond simply giving assurance of quality products; in “Why we are different” they explained how they ensure quality. They even gave me an instructional DVD.  Service was spot on; product was as promised.
 Finally the enjoyment of cooking up and serving oyster mushrooms I produced, as delectable as they were, was eclipsed by experience of nurturing and the thrill of watching them grow.
Thank you!


Earths tongue has been a great experience and I'm glad to know there is still good people to know from the internet. wish good health to your family.thank you for your help and not to mention the super cool sticker. I look forward to the next purchase.May the earth provide all the tools that build a strong foundation.


Let me start with Wow, I have never seen a spore hypodermic like this anywhere,
     I grow small batches of edible mushrooms for a group of organic high class restaurants around the country. 
     Been buying and trying different kinds of edible and medicinal strains from right around the world. 
     No one ever sent me this kind of value ever. I used to use a syringe for about 4 to 5 jars of LC max. so far I have inoculated 35 jars of grains and 10 jars of LC and still have not gotten to halfway point yet.
      What a savings that is for me. I am a believer for sure and Rosa is the best ever support person. Most other suppliers don't even do phone support at all. much less immediate replys and solving any problems asap. 
Don't waste time and finds elsewhere, it is all right here.


Thank you very much guys I was just a little worried (: I want you guys to know that you are probably the number one spore provider in the world. The way you have the new moon syringes is un real! Once agen thank you guys

J. D.


I ordered a atl#7 from sporeworks just because you guys were out of stock worst idea ever. Put solution in slide and it was full of contamination I even took some to the university to my professor to make sure he said he could see two contAms. Lol so I'll never use anyone but you guys. Do you put out a internet news letter? Or can I get my name on a list to receive emails from yall when things are restocked?
Love you guys keep up the great work
Sent from my iPhone


Again I want to mention that your spores seem miles ahead of Sporeworks …and someone else I tried and can't remember .  And I love your name  :)




Yall are awesome i order from yall all the time thanks ...


Dear Ben and Rosa;
It was nice to speak with you recently Rosa. Ben may your foot heal
quickly! Thanks for your service.
The best to you both!
Warm regards


I received my order today - thank's so much and thank you very much for the bonuses too.  May you all be blessed.
Rev. Al-Yahnai Hawkins


Thank you so much again for everything, you were my first & only vendor so I can't even put in to words the ways you have helped me develop. Merry Christmas brother.

(and HI Rosa♥! Happy Holidays!)



Merry Christmas to you and your rosa. I opted for sclerotia species as a free gift. Looked like they were all out of stock just hoping you could find one in the back for me. Thanks again for the great products I'll never order from any one else ever again after my great success withe the last.
Sent from my iPhone



"Earths Tongue is legit. Was very impressed with my first order so I ordered again three months later. Got total of 7 spores for microscopy and they looked excellent under the scope. No problems at all 100% success rate. Syringes are much bigger 20ccs instead of 10ccs and far more packed with spores than I'm used to. First time I received order after 8 days from placing my order and second time only took 5 days for me to receive. I spoke with Rosa and Ben at least 4 times and they always answer when I call and are very helpful. Just thought I would return the favor by posting my review experience here. Hope it helps.
If anybody reads this Earths Tongue review I promise they will not let you down trust me."

I love ET and your products! you are a top-level Mycology supplier, thank you so much!

Greetings! thank you so much mate, i'll certainly be taking you up on the offer. Also I'd like to take the chance to say your products are the bee's knees haha the discount is coming just at the right time too!


Thank you for providing quality goods and service :)

Great product ��. Look forward to many more orders.

I am a member of xxxxxxxxxxxxx is my member name. People talk great about yall

Many fellow mushroom studiers say this is a great site!!

They said you were the best, and I have not regretted going through you(over 10 yrs now off and on). Any person I have encountered that has used others was not nearly as pleased with the quality and professional manor in which the distributor they chose operated.
thank u et love u guys had great success with the other spores ihad gotten thank u very much and rosa was awesome

< 08-15-2014>
 By the
 way, you all are doing a great job every time I do business
 with you, and I appreciate your professionalism. I look
 forward to doing more business with you in the
I'd just like to say Thank You very much for your quick response concerning my order .  It made my day to realize it's already in route to my home. 
You guys are the best and I'll continue to recommend your company to all my friends!! 

You guys do an awesome job, thank you.
    Thank you again for your response---now that's what good customer service is all about.  I've been doing customer service in various capacities for over 16 years, so I always note it when good service is provided to me.  Thank you also for your offer to include another syringe in my next order; I will be sure to note it in comments on my next order, though it may be a couple months until I order again.  Like I said before, it's not really a big deal that there was a substitution that I'd not asked for, but it's your offer to fix the issue that shows how much an employee & company really care about their customers.  I can also tell from the website that ET really cares for you & your efforts, so be sure to forward this email to your supervisor &/or HR dept. so they know you have a fan!
Have a great day, and thank you again,

Hi I just wanted to say u guys do a fantastic job  nice packing and everything. Thanks
Anyways as you can see I will continue to order from you as the quality of every other syringe I've received from ET far surpasses any other company I have ordered from, and I have tried many.
Thanks and Have a Great Day!
"I just wanted to express my appreciation for your urgent processing and shipping on my order. I have much respect for the business you have provided."

"Hi Rosa
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, but ET customer service is always excellent. The great white monster has always been a favorite study............"


Previous Customer!
"Your guys are the best, every year same great results regardless of the strain"


"Thank you very much Ben!  I swear, the products and the staff @ ET are the best.  I've used one of your competitors before and... well there's no competition.  You done good."


"A friend, who is also a former mycologists, recommended this site.
 He informed me of a fast, reliable and quality delivery of spores for research."

"Hello and thank you so much for carrying strains that others won't carry. I love your site and the order tracker option. There's no down side here since I read your whole site. I knew what to expect and ET fulfilled our business transaction. temps and barometric pressure changed a lot after y'all shipped my order. a snow storm even blew in on that late march day my order arrived. only protection was a heat pad and popcorn. inside mailbox temp was 29F, inside package was 3 syringes and a temp well above freezing. hard to say exactly what temp but at least 40F. I am sure I received a viable product and couldn't be happier. Thanks for the videos too! Next video you guys should inoculate an old shoe or something. peace!"

"Hey, Received my replacement syringe yesterday looks great! Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I had read some bad reviews on E T after I placed my order and was a little worried. I have no complaints E T is a great company to order from. Cant wait to order in the future.
"It's in the mail :)
Thanks for your timely response. Great customer service. Happy 15th!"
-Sent from my iPhone

"You guys are outstanding as always great customer service I have expanded on that order and decided to try out a few of your other products so you can ship with rest of the stuff if you would like to save on shipping."
Thx as always guys"

<02-26-2014> "Wow you guys are really helpful! most other sites just blow me off and make me frustrated. I thank you for the service and will definitely be using your business  more often.   THUMBS UP! Thanks  =)"

<1-19-14> "Hi I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. The speed and generosity that you showed to me is greatly appreciated. This will definitely help my research. I can't say thank you enough. 

<1-14-14> "I am never ever disappointed by Ben, usually I'm amazed. He is my number 1....,..............he just hooked me up and my christmas contest winner. Plus i got that awesome color sticker. Bad ass art........I love ET! Thank you Ben!"
-Psychedelic Tarantulas

<1-13-14> "I ordered gt from you ben around christmas they were here in 7 days.. my study project is doing much better than i expected . since this is my first time.... ET jars are rocking."

<1-11-14> "I have dealt with ET in the past  and was pleased with my results then, but this time around really gave a new perspective on things.  With my order I put in the message to substitute my selections with a different strain if they thought the genetics were better.  Sure enough they took me up on my offer, so these guys aren't just looking at your order and giving you the item.  They take into consideration your request and what they think is best.  Thanks for the service and thanks for the free sticker guys its officially on the fridge next to my too grateful to be hateful sticker and my WP sticker.
Thanks ET and Stay Mellow,

<12-17-2013> "Hello, I purchased a 20cc syringe from you guys of The Golden Teachers spores for research and after the scope hit a sample they looked perfect. I just wanted you to know I am very happy with this spore study and you have my future business for further studies. I don't remember the exact name but it was the one that helps prevent contamination. Hat's off to you fine folks and keep up the good work. -Reguards, Allen W."

<12-16-2013> "Hello, just wanted to say thank you! My order arrived quickly, and you did end up sending me the ones I was hoping for too , so happy! Thank you, really, it's a present that has been hinted around for now for months for Christmas. I wish you a great Christmas yourself and thanks again! I had great success with my order last time from earth's tong and you guys are the best, great logo too! Merry Christmas.... 

<12-12-2013> "Just a line or two to thank you for excellent product, superior customer service and an excellent, informative website. My studies are proceeding very satisfactorily. GG 

<09-30-2013> Thank You Rosa for your good service!

<09-03-13>"Ben, been real impressed with ET's quality staff, service, and products! Rosa Rocks!"

<8-28-13> HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? "I have been a costumer since i became fasinated as a child and found you on the web. i tell all my friends to check you out i have been satisfied time and time again thanks" -Michael

<8-01-13> I've been sssoooo impressed with your companys services and products i've recommended you to a few of my fellow 'collectors' localy and internationally, i have only good things to say and am very appreciative that you can help me. thanks again to all the team at earths tongue, keep up the excellent work. Dallas

<7-27-13> HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? Been a customer for a few years now, best spore site out there period, never tried no other vendor, never will Bob

<07-26-13> "Awesome, after talking to a few friends in the mycology department they sent me to you guys.. with great recommendations, everyone said you guys were the best ill put together an order and contact you when I'm ready. Thanks again!" -Drew

<07-25-13> "I was a little hesitant about placing an order again since my last results were epic fail and I work in medical and have access to sterile everything but everything I had purchased before from Earths Tongue was excellent. I had sent an email about the last 6lb back that went sour on me. So to have you replace it with my last order says once again you guys rock and you have my business back. Just got done with a lovely day of inoculating and wanted to say thank you so much for paying attention and listening to me. Very few on line companies seem to do this. Will shop again soon!" -Karl

<06-01-2013> "Thank you and by the way good customer service !!!!"

<05-22-2013> "Thank you very much for being honest and refunding the $17.25 shipping charge.I didn't mean to hit the next button. It is a good feeling knowing that you guys run a honest company. It is very hard to find a company that would do what you guys did.I'm very greatfull of that. I WILL spread the word about the refund I received without calling 100 times. You now have a very loyal customer.Thanks again!! Any recommendations on a good mushroom to marinate in red wine or over a steak??"

<04-03-2013> "You guys over there are great ! I ordered just 4 days ago and my order has already been shipped . I tell everyone I know to go with ET!!! thanks for the great service"
- Eric

<04-02-2013> "Thank you for your help Ben, im sorry its taken 8 days to respond but the moment i noticed you sent out the package i liked the "earths tongue" page immediately. Again thank you very much for going out of your way to make me happy, I'm also getting my friends to like your page as well. I WILL BE A RETURNING CUSTOMER THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!" -Ryan 

<03-27-2013> "Thanks Ben your a legend :) Kind regards Russell" 

<3-25-13> "You helped fantasy become reality. Just wanted to say thanks. Also I love the T-shirts. How can I get one?" -Nathan 

<03-24-2013> "I'll be ordering only from earths tongue in the future. You all's product is so much better than everyone else I've tried. You all are awesome. Keep up the good work. Thanks again."

<3-20-13> "I would like to thank you on the sterility of your syringes and products. I went through another website before finding you guys and was less then pleased with my purchase. Then found you and have been getting your products for 3 years now! You guys are even able to send me different spores when the ones I want are out of stock. Thank you and please keep up your amazing work! Sincerely, A VERY happy customer

<03-16-2013> Hello, I just received my package in the mail, everything is exactly as I ordered it and is very clean and well packed. Thank you guys so much for the quick shipment!! A happily returning customer." -Kyle G

<03-14-13> "Hello, I have sent you another order for $104.25. I appreciated your quality and service last time I ordered from you." DREW

<3/12/13> "Hey friendly folks at Earths Tongue, Just wanted to say thank you for sending the spores, and including a sticker. I, like most everyone, am a sucker for a free sticker, so thank you!" Jessica

<2/27/13> "My name is Maxwell and this is the second time ordering from your site. I must say that i am extremely impressed with your product overall and your team is wonderful and very kind an knowledgeable."

Michael Mahoney responded to our survey :) 1.) Were you satisfied with your order ? ______Yes, syringes as promised- and you weren't kidding about the spore count, they were packed!

"Thanks very much for such nice service!" -Steven

"Wow, I came home today to find my package. You guys are simply the best and you have just found your number one fan. I will continue to do business and refer anyone and everyone I can to you guys." -Lee

Thank you Rosa for all your help. The service and assistance you provided me was exceptional. I am extremely satisfied with the products i ordered and the end results. All items arrived on time, healthy and in great condition. I will definately recommend you guys to anyone interested in the myco field. Thanks alot!!

Hello. I am a huge customer of yours, I have spent hundreds close to a thousand with you. I love everything you do.

My third order, love you guys !!!

Hi Rosa.
Ah, ET needles, let me tell you how I love them. Needle already attached, no fumbling through thick gloves to put one together. Wide bore, easy flowing. Minimal resistance to light pressure. Other needles will clog (especially when flaming) and stick, and when you finally get enough pressure to go, they empty on the ceiling. Minimal resistance combined with wide bore means you can flame it, wait a couple of seconds, tap through a tiny bit of spore solution to cool it off, and use it. With a single hand. This means no screwing around with a sterile water jar for dipping or alcohol wipes. All this combined means a single needle easily allows for over 40 viewings, when viewed the right way. As compared to maybe 6 from someone else. And then we move on to the quality of the contents. Wonderful. What else can I say? Keep it up. Take care - Barry

Thanks guy your the best at what you do. Look forward to doing business with you again. -Scott

Thank you Rosa. Your company is the best! -Tom

I would like to thank you on such a fast turn around on my order. Good service is a very good thing. You will have my repeat business- -again. Thank you so very much. Peace,and may G_D Bless you all -John

Rosa, I want to thank you with all my heart for the info. Everyone else I have talked to on the phone would not answer any question regarding these varieties, even Paul Stamets online business. I am very confident about ......

You guys are wonderful. Best wishes,

Thank you so much!!! I'm sure your choices will be excellent. I'm very happy you're able to substitute!!!..and thank you again for your quick responses and your time, Rosa :) I adore you!!! J....

Just wanted to let you know I think you're syringes are by far the best on the market and thanks!... I currently have an order in right now for PE and Oak Ridge...
Thanks for you're time and great service! ps, Rosa has to be one of the nicest women in customer service I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with!

Thank you very much!
Your kit is amazing, all jars look like they're going strong!
Thanks again!

Hello Ed here again,Nothing at all wrong,just a thank you!!! Recieved my order on May 7th,mycelium growth on May 11th-Holy Bananas..! This is gonna
make great pic's for my book..Again a big thanks..Looking forward to ordering again in the near future...
All the best to you and yours,

thanks a lot i appreciate everything. I'm very sorry to hear that you don't ship international anymore .
I was really excited to try your new moon syringes. i was very impressed with the patent you put on them.
I think your company should reconsider international shipping as your products are so highly desired as well as recommended by most users. i myself was very excited when i placed my order. anyways please start shipping to CANADA and let me know when you do. there are lots of good long term customers like me waiting for a
company like yours.

Thank you so much Rosa, i appreciate your correspondence and professionalism of your company. Take care.

I have just recieved your package and I would like to take a moment to thank you for how courtious your company has been in keeping me informed and your customer service is excellent. Also the web site you have directed me to is going to work excellent for my being able to perform my experiments.
thanx Cole .....

Hello,I'm a noob to this and my 1st couple of attempts at cultivating have been well,lets say absolutely absent of any growth what so ever..Bought materials from Caligrow and Bestspore. Nice people, fast shipping, but, what good is fast s/h if nothing comes of it..I'm a former nurse(now disabled)so I do know sterile and aseptic(clean)technique. So that doesn't seem to be the issue....That brings me to your company. I've read all great info about you guys-.I would like to buy a (lgbr bag) and 1 syringe.......I plan on calling in an order on monday 4/16...... Thanks a lot, have a great day. Look forward to doing business with you...

really appreciate the customer service. i was almost intimidated to contact since most others service not as friendly or fast. i will be sure to give extreme positive feedback ..... eternally grateful. -david

Thanks for the response! BTW I wanted to let y'all know that I decided to order through you because I'm from San Antonio and wanted to support San Antonio small businesses!

I would like to thank you all for your great service and hope all is well. Your loyal customer and huge fan lol

Thank you very much!!!! I just got my order today. First time customer, but looking to be a long time customer now! I had one question for you. There are 7 ......

thank you for being so helpful.

The website I was on referred your website. I'm looking for a spore syringe to start my first time growing.....

I ordered from you about 3 years ago and need to order again. I have cluster headaches, read clusterbusters information ...

Hi Ben, It's been a while since I've ordered.... I was so stoked with your spores! I've been loving my research, but now I'm out again. I've been waiting for your grab bags They are such a great deal! ......

Thank you very much! Still never tried b+! I will let u know what happens so u know! I've done this long enough to know 100% in the myc world is only a dream! lol But u guys have great product and service! Thank u again for caring!

Merry Christmas! I got the package in the mail just as quick as the first package! Thank you again rosa. Can I go on a list for pe if it ever comes in again? Thank you so much again!!

Oakridge!!!! Have not tried b+ yet, and thank you for caring enough to follow up! Merry Christmas ET

thank you for responding quickly I appreciate it kind regards!

Sorry to be taking up your time but would just like to say... Thank you for your quick response Rosa,very surprising and refreshing to hear from you and earths tongue. It gives me a great relief and will definitely place more orders in the future.Thank you and I hope that your products are as excellent as your customer service. Cheers!

Hey Rosa, I received your package today and would like to say thank you for the replacement. You guys are awesome. Have a Happy Holiday.

Rosa, first off I cant thank you enough for understanding, and going out of your way to turn things around. You know just how to treat customers right and I cant say thank you enough. As far as other strains go, amazonians have always interested me, so have cambodians. I cant really ask for anything in particular because I'm just grateful your willing to send me something else. Ill make sure to keep checking my mail in case you need to know anything else. Thank you so much again.

Rosa, thanks for hand writing my label, it came promptly afterwards....., and those two jars are coming along perfectly.

It's working. You people are doing a good thing. Rock On.

Thanks again for your taking the time & giving a darn about things. Please let me know what to do with ......

got the order... was suprised as this is philippines. But , received order with no problems.. thanks..

Hey guys I recieved the order of shittake spores and 6lb. substrate and eveything is going great. I have beautiful mycelium growing in the majority of the bottom substrate (near injector site) I have broken it up such as stated in the enclosed instructions ....

Hi i was referred to your site by a friend and was wondering on your special by 4 get 1 free i see where you get to choose ......

It's me again sorry I bother y'all so much! I was just letting you know I received my order in perfect condition and I'm very happy :) !! I only have one question about the liquid culture jar .....

Hello again! Ive decided to use only your website for supplies thanks to the great service you provided on my previous order. I just placed an order today for 2 syringes..Just thought you would like to know how things are going with youre product. i appreciate your quality service! Thank you! Please respond with any shipping problems asap!

I am not a Member at the EarthsTongue Forums. I am New to this site, and by the way ... Very NIICE!! Website, Sofar I like the way this place looks.

The Mexicania has been absolutely fantastic. Very surprising. Thanks for everything.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know personally when the order shipped. I appreciate the quality you put into your work and am willing to wait (and pay) for it. Thank you for your service! -Andy-

I have found culture on other sites, and if i have to will buy from them, but as i said i have been really pleased with your products in the past, and would prefer my money go to you than someone else.

"Known ya'll forever. Thanks for such wonderful service, everyone...i will always order from ET, im a customer for life" -A.P.

"It was really nice to be able to use the tracking link you provided with the mailing notice. I was amazed to see my order in my mailbox today – Mon. Nov. 14 - in central Wisconsin all the way from San Antonio. You guys mailed it on Sat. Nov. 12. That is absolutely crazy fast!!!! The spore prints are beautiful. Very professional. I already have another order placed and you will definitely have my business from now on. All around an excellent service in every aspect. Thank you so much. - Joe Ackerson"

"Hey guys, I understand y'all are busy and support y'all 100%. I've been a steady customer for 3 years now and I must say than your new moon syringes are faster, more sterile and more viable than any other syringes on the market. I will always place my orders with yalls as your products have proven your reputation. I do however have one more open order of the big p.f. Bag that comes with 2 syringes Special. I hope all is well in s.a. If u ever wanna come to atx feel free to hit me up. Thanks again for your service to mycologists around the world."

Ben- No worries, I got it today. I'm not sure what happened to show delivered and signed for on saturday but got the package today safe and sound. Thank you!

Yes I received them the next day.. Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you very much! Once I get the hang of this, you will have a frequent customer!

"Hey doods, I must say that you guys are awesome and I envy your mushroom business. This is my third time ordering spore syringes and im sure you already know this but Earths Tongue is by far the Most Reliable, and highest quality spore supplier I have heard of. And I do a lot of research. Just wanted you guys to know that I have a deep appreciation for what you’re doing, and I will continue supporting you until the day I die. Keep up the good work!!!" -Adam

"Thank you very much E.T., I have had a bit of bad luck with some of your competitors. In brief I will explain without deviating from the truth: 1. On 09/04/2010 I put an order into “(Competitor name deleted)” for 2 spore prints of PC for $44.99. Order #SP101101827. I knew that it was questionable when I had to write the money (689105797415) to “Innersight Trading” with an address of “Innersight Trading, POB 961, Lake Cowichan, BC, vOrgO.
2. I traced the money order from “(competitor name deleted)” and where it was cashed (Canada and no recourse)…..I never received anything from “
(competitor name deleted)” except an email informing me that I had not paid. They wanted more money….AGAIN!!. I do not have anything good to say about this company. They are just Parasites. I believe in Karma.
3. Next I tried the “
(competitor name deleted)”. Order # 837831.Two syringes. One a B-Plus and the other Keeper’s Creepers. I ordered a Quantity of Three syringes each. Again I knew there was something amiss. I used a credit card and the card was billed under the name of “Orbital Architects, 2232 S. Main St., Suite # 433, Ann Arbor, Mi 48103. I receive 2 syringes (not 6) all with non sterile water (nothing but primordial ooze on the plates). No spores visible even under a “Micron Microscope” that I was granted the use of from a local University (U of A). Eventually these type of people will make an error (GREED is their weakness)…..Karma awaits them!
4. Now to excellent news. Inoculation was completed on 03/05/2011 at 6:00AM in the morning using “New Moon “ Spce Cst”. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. See attached photo.

***100% clean aggresive mycelium growing. The dark apppearing spots are from the New moon solution. No foreign molds whatsoever.
* My experience dates back:
* The Complete PS Mushroom Cultivators Bible – Hongero Press – Copyright 1975 * The Complete PS Mushroom Cultivators Bible - Hongero Press - Copyright 1976 * Growing Wild Mushrooms – A complete Guide to cultivating Edible and Hallucinogen Mushrooms – revised edition by Bob Harris * These are my Bibles"

"I ordered the serious reaserachers "24" pack of jars :) I ordered something in the mean time again from here and it's already here! seriously you guys rock and I will ONLY goto YOU forever! have a great day!

"Very impressed at this point. Received product in 5 days , saw results in 5 days. This applies to Cambodian, results on azurescens a bit slower on that species. All in all very pleased. Spore store sold me dead spores or water. I don't expect to order spores soon, hoping instead to supply my own needs, but rest assured that when I do order, it will be from you. Thanks much, -DC"

"By the way kudos on Space Coast, we got it working then it got us working lol, as well as the Mathias Romero,and sclerotia forming Psil. Mexicana. Going with your company was definitely the right choice on our part. once spring rolls around I will go out and take some tissue samples from our native mushrooms and send you some samples just for the hell of it some are identified and some I was hoping maybe you could identify either way expect something in the mail in the next few months. Well man you have an awesome day and thanks again."

"Hi Ben, Finally got a chance to do some research with the spores I purchased last month. Shipping was fast and spores are free of contaminate. I am new to mycology research and spent a great deal of time looking at my options for purchasing spores. Clearly I made the correct and well informed choice by choosing Earth's Tongue. You have a customer for life. Thanks, -John"

"Thanx Ben, you and your wonderfull team of intelligent co-workers have given me a bigger and better interest & outlook on the world of growing certian fungi!!!! You have certainly showed a definate role of responsibility and profesionalism!!!!Again, thank you for your help with all my questions, and helping me become a more confident in my Fungus cultivation!!!!" -RW

"Earths Tongue is THE BEST place for EVERYTHING! There is no comparison to other vendors, as the quality of the products, service, and support cannot be beat. I placed my order, and within that week I got it. The syringes are 2x the size, but the quality and experience is what makes these guys stand out. The mere fact that they offer the "New Moon" for the same price is AMAZING! The Blackness makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE that NO ONE has. Good luck finding a site that offers an additional supplement that greatly reduces the risk of contamination, while inhancing the growth. That alone should have everyone convinced of thier effort to be top notch. THANK YOU EARTHS TONGUE! Continue with the great work." -Rob

"Oh everything is beautiful! Thanks for the great products. Me and my friends will continue to return for a long time to come! Stay cool, -Aden"

"Hey wanted to let yall know I received my spores this afternoon. Man they look good and i got them way faster than i anticipated. I wish i had a side by side comparison of these other spores i ordered from another company. Night and day literally. They were totally watered down and useless. I can wait to get them under the scope. u guys def gained a new return customer. thanks so much -Logan E"

"I received my order yesterday. I was very pleased with my substitution. It seems to be a very unique strain keep up the good work. Thank you, jt"

"Just wanted to pass on to you guys that, I'm really looking forward to receiving these spore syringes I've ordered from you guys! I have delt with your competitors before and have either had the worst luck, or just got what i paid for!! But never the less I am very optimistic of the quality of the goods offered by Earth's Tongue!" -new customer

"Me and all my friends always do business with you guys and you've never let us down yet." -JA

"(Thanks everybody at Earths Tongue, I didn't know who to send my testimonial to!) Hey guys! I placed an order for 2 microscopy syringes on the 23rd of august and I have received them on the 1st of September! Great turnaround guys keep up the good work. It couldn't have been easier to order, ET is the only company willing to ship spore syringes to Australia and I could track my order online! I had read bad reviews on the internet about ET, but they couldn't be further from the truth, I don't know who's slamming ET but I think if they spent more time trying to match Earths Tongues professional approach, they would have less time on their hands for spreading lies. Looking forward to studying my ''new moon'' syringes. I will be ordering through Earths Tongue again! Thanks for the ET sticker too.... Matt from Oz =) "

"I've read a lot of bad mouthing and don't care for it... you delivered just as you said, the product was correct, personalized and prompt.. these are building blocks for a good business relationship and I appreciate all of you for the extra steps you take, and also for your strides in mending this concept. Keep up the good work.. -Jud"

"I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I was with my shopping experience. My order was processed and delivered in about a week, and I could not be happier with your service! Thanks a bunch!!! -Josh"

"Want to let you know how pleased I am with your Fast customer friendly service. Even the substitutes were better than the ones I picked!! I will be placing another order soon. Thank You All Very Much." -Anonymous

"My name is Theresa, I ordered two New Moon syringes X GT and Space Coast. Imagine my delight when I found a bonus strain from my home state, along with an awesome little note! My brother was here when I got home and found them, and he can verify that you made me a happy, happy girl. Kudos for the generous, personalized customer service, expedient delivery, and all around great experience. Will post a supplier review soon, just wanted to drop you a quick line. Can't wait to start experimenting with these. Yours, -.T."

I have to say that you guys at The Earths Tongue have the best service I've incounterd. I recieved a lot more then i expected, the quality of the product was excellent with tramendous results. Ive been through other vendors where i had to wait for weeks to recieve my order, where at The Earths Tounge i recieved my order in under two weeks. I highly recommend The Earths Tounge to anyone interested in taking a part in such a beautiful science. I hope to do business again soon. Thank you so much for the awsome service. Definatly A++++ _ joe_

"ben i just wanted to say how happy i am with my order. everything has been simple and rewarding, even for a first timer like me. i will be ordering again when i get things up and runing. thanks again. a happy customer" - Shroomotopia Member


"Its rare to receive more than you expect, and for that, i'm raving about your spores. I nocced up 12 brf cakes one week ago today with space coasters, they are about 40% colonized, with no cotams. I hope the Amazons perform as well, and will let ya know in a week or so. Thank you for the hard work, dedication, and products that exceed expectations. I will be back for more! Once again, Thanx. - J.P."

"I just got my burmas and oysters yesterday. Thank you soooooo much u have no idea how bad I needed them. Y'all have the best customer service of any company I have ever done business with. An I've been doing this for almost 15 yrs. THANK YOU" -Will


Hey Earth's Tongue! First off let me Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It is very rare nowadays to find a company with such great customer service. So refreshing for a first time buyer. Because of your great business practices I will continue to use your website and encourage other to do also. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays! -J from Orlando, FL


"Hi, to anyone wondering about buying from earths tongue , DO IT !!! the price is the same as any other spore website but look at what you get 2x the amount of anyone else when it comes to syringe spores , the only thing i did not like was the having to buy 2 of them which i was glad i did after they came! i blew threw 1 syringe the first day and it did 30 one pint jars!!! my order was under 50$ with shipping and came in 3 days after payment in a plain box with no markings at all. they are the best place i have ever bought from A++" -Anonymous


"Hello, I just wanted to write to say thank you for taking my order. After trying several other well known companies you were the only company who was willing to ship syringes to Australia . The other companies replied to my request with a “we do not ship to Australia because it can not be done” email. Just to let you know I received my “New Moon” syringes today, 11 days after ordering. Not only did you guys come through on your promise, you did it in record time! Thanks Earth’s Tongue YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!" -From Nathan in Austrailia

I purchased 2 spore syringes in September and this novice is extremely satisfied with your product. My jars were colonized within 8 to 10 days and I am still collecting fruit.......awesome. I have recommended you to some of my friends and will do business with you again. Keep up the good work and the best of wishes. -Roger

"You guys are awesome! I got my package within a few days and have already studied a few more strains under the microscope-including the FREE Burma syringe and a handwritten Thanks .... Best place to order microscopy/mycology supplies period-love you all-peace" -From Shawn

evening ;) Just wanted to drop on by to say thank you fro your professionalisim and expedience. You guys have a great product, and fast service.... thank you a ton and keep up the good work. I have a really good feeling about the quality of spores i purchased. ( had some bad experiences). Youse guys take it easy and be cool ;) -From Matt in IL!

I do want to extend a Thank You for your product. There should be no other companies save Earthstongue. Your product is very different from anything else available. I am proud of you for the work you all have done. -From our good friend SB

Hey all, I cased 6 jars colonized from one half of one ET New Moon syringe yesterday morning at around 6:00am. Today the cases already showed lots of hungry aggressive myc popping through the casing layer all over the place; some fuzzy some dense and aggressive. I almost thought it was cobweb mold due to the speed but it is definitely myc. This myc popped through all over a good 1/2 inch layer of casing in less then 24 hours. I have 8 more I knocked up a few days after those I will post pics later. I had started with about 2cc in each jar spread among 4 injector holes. I still had nearly a half a syringe left and put it in the fridge for a new set of jars later on. BTW the New Moon syringes are 20cc. I also have 6 jars I knocked up with normal 10cc syringes from Sporeworks. I’ve had great luck with Sporeworks syringes. They are awesome! I used rye berries, all the same batch of soaked and PC’d jars for both the New Moon and Sporeworks syringes. All used the same casing mix, 50/50 (verm/Jiffy). I make large quantities of the mix dry and when I need it I add water and pasteurize. Both the New Moon and Sporeworks syringes are the same strain. I don’t have pictures but will try to post some tomorrow. Here is what I got from it all. The New Moons were 100% colonized and I mean packed with aggressive hungry thick and dense myc butting up against the sides of the jars so thick they looked like fruits. They were 100% in just under 10 days. And I mean consolidated and ready for casing. They almost look like they had started in-vitro before I could case them. This is the fastest I have ever had 1 pint jars colonize. These are 1 pint jars. I have never seen anything like it. It doesn’t even look like they would need to consolidate any further. 10 days to a solid brick of myc! After I originally knocked them up I put them all in a box and waited. I looked on day three and the Sporeworks jars had a few white spots starting nicely as usual but the new moons were already at least 20%. Yes, 20%. I didn’t even shake them from that point. I didn’t need to. On day 10 the Sporeworks were about 20% some were 25%. I shook them. But the new moons needed to be cased up already! In the end this was the thickest, fastest most aggressive myc I’ve ever seen. If they fruit half as well as they have done so far it will be a nice harvest. So I will be buying from ET again. Yes, I know they are not a Shroomery Vendor. But the rules say ‘no hot-linking’ to vendors, not ‘no discussing’ vendors. In my opinion is that the should seek to get ET to be a vendor. ========================================================== Thank you for New Moon! -A happy customer!

"Thank you guys. i got my order today. thank you for shipping it out quickly. you'll have more of my bussiness in the future." -From M.P. in Texas

Hi Ben,
I ordered two syringes from Earthstongue in early August. The delivery of my order was timely and the quality of the syringes was just as I had hoped. I am a complete neophyte to the world of mushrooms. To be honest, my motivation to get into it was the same as most. However not long after clicking the "buy" button on your site my focus became the process rather than the final fruits, if you will. Having found a reputable vendor, I was on to gathering supplies, and researching those things that would make the whole endeavor a success. And then there was the reading.... and more reading, and then reading some more! I'm only a day or two from fruiting, and am happy and proud to say that I've been successful every step of the way, beginning with placing my very first order with you! I've discovered a new hobby that satifies that little bit of mad scientist, tinkerer, gardner, and engineer in me. It really has become about the process rather than just the destination-- though I'm looking forward to the reward as much as anyone might. I hope you don't mind my sending this note of thanks. I appreciate your product, the pleasure it's provided to this point, and that which is yet to come. I wish you every success in the future and you can count on my returning when the need arises. -From Keith in PA

"will send you more feedback later.thanks again earths try real hard satisfy your customer thanks again.all of you are great tell ben thanks again look 4 ward 2 next 366$ order thanks again.please let me know when 2 be home or if we can ship by fedex again i will pay."

" Thank you so much for the quick reliable service. I haven't gotten a great look at the syringes yet but they look amazing. Also loved the sticker you send with them, what a nice touch and the hand written "Thanks Nick =)" on my receipt sealed the deal. The personal, quick service is so appreciated. Just know that if I ever need anything from jars to spores I will be using Earth's Tongue and telling all of my friends to do the same. Thanks again you are great!"

"Hey Ben Just wanted to say thanks. You guys are great. I purchased a couple of syringes in 2008 and it exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to receiving the 2 syringes I ordered a couple of days ago. Keep up the good work!! -Adam"

"I am a pleased customer who values your service and expertise." -Michael

"Dear Ben, I wanted you to know that I’ve tried other products, and yours out performs all others by far. I’ve done side by side comparisons and there is really no comparison. I’m kind of ole school, 47 and suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Disorder. It is one of the most painful disorders known to man. If someone gets it in their limbs, it will cut the blood flow off until it completely kills the limb. I happen to have it in my spine, so the amount of nerve pain is horrific. Doctors have prescribed me some of the most powerful pain killing opiates, but they don’t block the pain. I simply survive day by day. But your products seem to have a profound blocking effect. -Jeff"

"Hi,I'm tricia.I recently ordered some "creepers".And I've got to say that you guys are the best!!!Awesome spores!!!definitely the fastest colonizers I've ever seen.This is the second time I've ordered from you guys.And i must say,THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for the service you provide.If you like,you can call me. THANKS!" -Tricia

"Gigi, my package arrived today, that was fast! Thanks for the smiley face, that made my day! Thanks again for working this out. Everyone i know will hear how well the people at earths tongue treat their customers, especial gigi. -mike"

"You guys simply rock. Also add: that at the same time I first ordered New Moon (Hawaiian) spores from you obtained several months ago, I also got some from another vendor. Yours ripped through the rye and my cakes 5-6 times faster and thicker growth then theirs did. I had zero contamination and it was simply amazing." -R.M.

"hey, just wanted to let you know that the spores were A-ok... 3 days and all 12 jars are crazy white already & contam. free! I love you guys and your product! Thanks a million. -james-"

"Hi Ben, I ordered a couple new moon syringes from you on May 24. I recieved them promply. Thank you!. After getting ripped off by another source...3 weeks ago. (I'm a nubie but did everything right, no contam. just no action after a week and a half...nothing). I just wanted to write and say that I started research with yours 2 days ago and WOW! I'm blown away! So far the research is going better than I ever imagined and will elaborate more in the next week... I'll be in touch soon." -R.M.

"Hi, My name is Aden and I placed an order at the beginning of July and just received it. I just wanted to say thanks for such excellent service! There were a few substitutions, buy you gave me several freebies to make up for it. That's way cool and I really appreciate it. I'll be ordering more in the future and telling all my friends about you. Thanks again, -Aden"

"First and far most thanks for the awesome service. I just made a $200 order yesterday and wanted to make another $178 purchase today. I also made a purchase 1 1/2 months ago and missed the part to add my free syringe for purchasing 3. Anywho, I was wondering.......if you guys would be so kind to send a few extra syringes after I place my next order of $178? This would be greatly appreciated Ben. I love your products and keep up the excellent work! Regards, Freddie J."

"Hi Ben, WOW!!!! That was a fast delivery. I received the package yesterday. Just wanted to say once again how pleased I am with your service. I'm glad that I was able to find your site online. Thanks again for the recent speedy delivery. BTW, both temp/humidity gauges were packaged this time. If you remember you forgot to send one on my last order. Anyway, I'm readying to head over to Atlantic City for the week-end. Thanks so much for the great service you provide!!!!!! Enjoy your week-end! -Walt"

"hey Ben i have received your products and have already gotten started and so far every thing looks real good cant wait.anyway just wanted to say thanks and i will keep you posted also if i have any questions i will be sure to give you a call...."

"....Thanks again for the awesome customer service. Your products have been as advertised as well. It is amazing to think, the best customer service I have received from all the companies I use has been from a supplier of spores. I commend you, and will recommend you when the time comes. Peace and best wishes, keep up the good work guys the world needs you."

"Earth's Tongue processed my order promptly. I received it sooner than expected. I got what I ordered. I have ordered Kits and massive spores filled Syringes for cakes. Everything functioned as it should. Any questions or concerns were answered quickly and intelligently. The experience that I have with Earth's Tongue enables me to give my highest recommendation for professionalism, product, support, prices, selection, and overall care." -anonymous customer

"Earth's Tongue is the best! I will never order spores from anyone else... Shipping is super fast, and the product, as well as the price, can't be matched by anyone. The customer service is great as well. On my last order, I had to have my shipping address changed, because I moved from the address on my credit card... I called and talked to Ben, only to find out that my order had already been shipped. I was worried that it would end up at my old house, but somehow Ben managed to change the address en-route, and the order arrived at my door without any delay. The syringes are big and fat, and packed with spores... Twice the size of any other company, and at the same price.... you can't beat that. These guys are hands down the best there is! I even got a free syringe with my first order! My appreciation goes out to everyone at Earth's Tongue. Keep rocking guys! -Chris"

"So far so good. As usual, your product is awesome. I had to go with other bags, but happy with results. -M"

"I am always very happy with your products and recommend them to any fellow mycologist, I look forward to some of your new inventory. -Jax"

"Hi Ben, Here's my testimonial for Earth's Tongue Four or five years ago I placed 2 or 3 orders for mushroom spore syringes from Earth's Tongue. The syringes that I got were always top notch quality. The only problem was getting them. It took nearly 3 months for me to receive one of the orders I placed and the other orders were also very, very slow. So last year I found myself in need of syringes again. I didn't want to wait for several months so I ordered from one of the sponsors at the shroomery. Within a week I had my syringes. Within a few more weeks I had a bunch of green mold growing. I complained to the seller that the syringes were contaminated. He denied it but grudgingly replaced them. My next order was from another shroomery sponsor. I got a good deal on 10 syringes--a good deal if I was hoping to grow green mold. I couldn't believe it. I had never, ever had a contamination problem with more than one or two jars. These were clearly contaminated before I got them. So anyway, earlier this year when I was again in need of syringes, I decided to give Earth's Tongue another try. They may have been slow but at least they were clean. Well imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from someone at Earth's Tongue the day after I placed my order. The variety I had ordered was out of stock and they wanted to know if they could substitute so I wouldn't have to wait. I said ok and a few days after that my package arrived. I've placed several orders since then and each one has arrived within days. Clean product, professional courtesy, and quick service and delivery. What more could you ask for. I don't know what changed since I placed those original orders several years ago but I'm glad I came back. Thank you." -Den

"OMFG! u guys rock! This is my second order from you and i was greatly impressed with my first. I look forward to being a long time customer and I've even recommended you guys to all my mushy friends =D Keep up the good work guys!"

"Thank you all at E.T. L.L.C. for making my orders and dreams a reality. I appreciate all that you do and for your unmatched speed and service. I will patiently await my product in hopes of being able to use it to its fullest. Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Michael S. P.S. I hope to one day be one of those valued customers who is not just a customer anymore but a colleague. : ]"

"Good Morning, guys!! I received the info from usps regarding my shipment. FANTASTIC!! You are awesome!! Thanks so much and I look forward to continued business with Earth's Tongue. The quality of your products are superior and I have had nothing but excellent results from my research. Very cool. -Kaylee "

"Hi Ben, Thanks so much for the call to confirm delivery of the temp/humidity gauge. I did in fact receive it in a timely manner. It's nice to find an online business who actually makes time to confirm a delivery, yet even nicer by actually making a phone call. ;-) Thanks so much for running an honest, friendly online business. I look forward to doing business with Earth's Tongue in the future. -Walt Maculley P.S. That 20cc syringe is PHAT!!!!!!! A beauty indeed!" -Slade

"it already arrived! thank you for replying though... that's more than i usually get from companies i order from. i was extatic with the syringes i recieved, thanks. you have a repeat customer for sure. and i'll be sure to let any of my friends know about your site"
-trusty clover

"hey earthstongue i just wanted to stress how much i enjoy your products id like you to put this on the feed back! you're the best out there never ever had contam problems and your products exceed any and all companys ive used, wasted money is all its been on anything other than you guys!!! im a shroomotopia member and we all agree on the forum that you guys are THE guys!!! thanks alot -FROM A SOLD FOR LIFE CUST."

"You're very welcome and thank you for processing my order so quickly. I have been an ET customer for a number of years, though it's been a while since I placed an order. I have always been extremely pleased with the quality of the products supplied by ET and frankly don't know where else I would go for mycological supplies if you weren't around. Ever since PF "went away", it's been difficult to find reliable sources so ET is a godsend. I hope you are around for a long, long time. Thank you!"

"You guys are awsome! I ordered from you for the first time about two weeks ago and your services are superior! thanks for the speedy shipping and the sticker, I slapped it on my incubator. Have a good one and thanx again!"

"Thank you for promptly processing my order I am very greatful for how quick it was processed. I will do what I can to spread the word about your wonderful site. i can't wait to get started! -BCOTB"

"those last spores were the best iv ever ordered. germinated in 2 days. they are so horny. thanks guys. finally a company that sends you what they show you. -Rich"

"Hi Ben: I received my sterilized jars order last night. I was amazed that the quality and time put into my order, including the packaging. You now have a customer for life. Thank you again. I am ever so glad that I waited on this order. Thank you again and I look forward being a customer for a long long time !!! -Mike"

"In a word, AMAZING!! I have been a mycologist for 15 some odd years and have never seen, or used, a more viable and aggressive syringe in my whole term of research. I have microscopically studied these syringes to find the spores are not only viable but more aggressive in germination than any other brand or species I have ever studied. Upon further study I can find no foreign substance, ( i.e.. Ink or dyes) in these syringes. I don't know how you do it. Keep up the good work guys, -Scott."

"Yes, everything arrived on time and very orderly. My friend recommended ordering through earthstongue he implied that there was great customer service and professional quality products, I agree with him. I am very pleased with your efforts to help, I will surely be a repeat customer. Again thank you, after a few successful cultivations I’ll know who to go to for more products." -customer in Oklahoma

"Your service and product on my first order exceeded my expectations beyond belief! So Ive decided to Order from you once again, as well as passing your name on to all my Classmates and teacher! Thank you again..My number one source for all of my Mycology Needs! Sincerely, -A Very Happy Costumer."

"Well, I got it already! Thanks, "Drierite" brand really sucks, your stuff works much better and faster. Do you know how much the local laboratory supply wanted for a 3 lb. canister of calcium chloride? $36 dollars!!! -- David

"Hello i have received my order and i am very pleased. Tahnx for the fast delivery and great support :) i will recommend you to my friends." -Alex

"I ordered 2 syringes and might i say i'm impressed!!! I ordered new moon. i was skeptical especially after reading "our "New Moon" solution is the fastest and most (the only) contaminant resistant spore solution in the market today, so advanced, that the spore solution itself helps fight off other possible contaminants in a poorly sterilized substrate." , but let me tell you I will never order anything but new moon!!i just steamed my jars for an hour and after they cooled i inoculated the jars as i took them out, using nearly no sterile procedures. my jars are colonizing super fast with the new moon, its almost a week and they already are 90% colonized. all jars are heavy with that nice ropey mycelium. oh, out of 42 jars, only 2 were lost to contamination. I've tried several sites and have never received such HIGH QUALITY spores as ya'll have provided. I'm recommending this site to everyone in my mycology class. Thanks, - mushroom lover "

"Dear Earthstongue. I just wanted to thank you for the reliability and the great products. I ordered 6 syringes on two separate orders and they exceeded my expectations. Thanks again, -A.S."

"Ben, I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thanks for the quick shipping and personal service provided to me in my last order. It's unusual to receive a handwritten "Thank You" with any package these days ... I'm excited to get started on my research project, and was thrilled to see the incredible amount of spores included in the "New Moon" syringes. Earth's Tongue provides great value compared to products that I have received from other vendors that contain a fraction of the spores that come in your syringes. I had read the bad reviews and heard the crap about you guys on some of the forums, but decided to give you a go anyhow. I'm glad I did. Count on future orders from me ... I'm sold! Best Regards, -Paul"

"Thanks again--

I just received the order today and I must say the syringes are extremely packed with spore material! I haven't looked at them under the microscope yet but I can already tell that finding some good examples for observation should be really easy. With the quality of this product it is a mystery why more people in the forums don't say more good things about your company, I know I will. I was very impressed with the shipping speed--- would have been even faster but we had the holiday... so 2 days and 5000miles away...??? "New Moon" syringes are dark as night... you guys are great! keep up the good work! Earthstongue 4 ever!"

"Letting You Know I'm very Pleased... Hello Again, It is Jeff up here in MD. I'm writing to let you know everything was delivered yesterday Monday the 22nd. I commend you on FAST service!!! Also, the CD-Rom worked!!! So I was able to read the latest updates. I followed the instructions exactly, researching everything before hand and then following out the instructions,... I also used your free sample! ... Also about my first order, the bag I ordered for research is still growing white, about almost 3/4 of way done...The temp (since day 1 & 1/2 ) has been fluctuating between 68-70. I've been keeping a nice photo slide show of growing "frosty white" mycelium... So, it is in Darkness and has been slowly doing it's thing. This fascinates me ! So, I bid you all a good day....I'll be making another order a little later, not far from now, but some folks need to heal so I'll wait a week or two before... I need 50/50 mix. Anyway, God Bless ya'll and to those people (I read about it on your site) that are spreading lies and saying Earth's Tongue is fake, or a rip off YOUR WRONG. They have come through every time and when they ship it out, you get it fast...I am a satisfied customer. LOVE&PEACE, -J.R.P."

"Hey there just wanted to THANK YOU for the fast service from start to finish it took 10 days! I have never ordered online and took much time to look around and decided on you guys! I think it was an awesome decision.....First words outta my mouth when i looked at the new moon spores... ~WOW~ i am sure i will be returning for more purchase in the near future and i will DEFINITELY pass along this awesome site with friends.... Will let ya know how my research project goes! I am sure i will be quite satisfied... :-) ~jmg~"

I just personally wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work! The first time I ordered, I had a small order and it came extremely quick and was an extremely good product. Helped me with my small experiment. Now with this order I had a much bigger order and you guys still came through. I had heard about the accident and was like damn, I'm going to have to be extremely patient this time but you guys got such a big and picky product request in a quick time. You guys are the best! Hope you feel better Ben! Thanks again for your speediness and great products! I will be coming to you guys for a LONG time!

Sincerely. -Sean" in IL.

"Thanks. I have examined spores from several vendors and You guys are the best. I love the larger/darker syringes!"
-Curt in TX

"Just wanted to say thanks again. We received our order this afternoon - couldn't believe how fast it arrived. Everything was in perfect condition and I can't wait to start my science experiment.

"You guys are the ONLY company I can actually contact, after working with another company who I ordered from that never responded to my emails. The customer service is great already!"
-karen in Louisiana

"Well its monday and my order has arrived I am very impressed with the delivery time 2 days from shipping!! And with the injuries you sustained in the accident its all that more amazing, you guys are great, and again I wish all involved speedy, swift recoveries. Im sure you will be taking orders from me again in the near future.
Ryan" - in IA

"Ben,my order arrived much sooner than I expected,knowing that the two of you were injured,I can't express enough guys take it easy,being Hawaiian, I guess the best way to say thanks for y'alls help is.....MAHALO and ALOHA.......TOM"
-Thomas in HI

"Hello, I received your order, followed instructions and yet again, beautiful results. I'm really impressed by how well the cakes with wells work. I never have and never will deal with anyone other than Earthstounge. You are by far the best in the biz. Keep fighting the good fight!!! Thanks again!!! -LuX-"

(we thought this one was specially funny and nice :)
"i recieved my two spore syringes the other day in the mail. just sayin thanks for the fast service and not screwing me over. i will definitely be a returning customer
thanks and peace"

Derek from KY
"ET met and exceeded my expectations!!! I'm talking about some of the fastest colonizing spores that Ive ever seen/heard of. And the costumer support is second to none. There are other suppliers way closer to me, but if you want the purest, fastest colonizing spores on the market then ORDER FROM ET NOW!!!! and you will see.......

"This is my third order and I would like to thank you for your prompt and dependable delivery and helpful phone service as well"
-Howard in MD

"I have been shopping with you for some time now, I used to buy from PF many years ago with decent success until they closed. Then when they re-opened I purchased again from them and all the spores were contaminated. After I found you guys, I only buy from you now. Your spores are amazing!
There's nothing out there that can touch your spores."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the insanely great spores you sent me. These are some extremely viable spores! Also, thank you for the freeebie you sent me, got it within a few day too. Keep it up!
-exclusively Earth's Tongue customer"

Since ET seems to carry a bad rep from the past (old Earth's Tongue, not Earth's Tongue LLC new ownership from 07), I certainly want to help you to improve your reputation, as I am very pleased and impressed with your services and products.
Earth's Tongue is, in my opinion, the finest mycology supply company in the business. My experience with them was nothing less than a pleasure. Top-notch product quality, customer support, and very fast shipping!
A big thanks to all the staff at E.T.

~customer4life" (in OHIO)

"Thank you so much Ben. I am very satified with your customer service. We have had a couple of confusions on our end and you always cleared them up patiently. I will deffinetly recomend you to others i know that are into spore studies. I will also be returning when i am ready to order more. I am also thinking of growing some great mushrooms for cooking......
Once again thanks so much."

"Thank you very much. After trying Sp****101, I will be placing all my future orders with your company. I placed an order with them a full month before I placed one with you and still have not received it. They absolutely s***!"
-Adrian (from FL.)

"Yo ET!!
i appreciate your fast service!!! never found a site like urs..with the buy 2 get 28% off!!
not only that thanks much for the free shooting star syringe!! nice to come home to a lil suprise after a hard days work..this chit is jammed packed with sporez!!!!
great customer!!
will be buying from u more often :D
- adam - 210 luuuv!!"

"Amazing! I would first like to say, that I had thought it would take at least a few weeks from the ordering of my order to its arrival at my house. Was I wrong or what? =] It took only one week. I've tried many other vendors, and they've all been nothing but trouble. Earth's Tongue is the best, and I will most assuredly be ordering from this amazing company again and again.
-Loving customer, G"

"I just wanted to sent some pics of my outside mushrooms. I got spores for you guys for indoors. All my trash for inside I have taking outside to see want I could do. Wow they are going crazy. I was not sure if they would do anything outside in Southen Indiana. I'm very happy with the spores I have got for Earths Tongue."
-Matt from Indiana

"thank you thank you thank you,
I got my shipment 2 days go and I just wanted to say thank you so much. You're the only place I've ever ordered from and that's how it will remain. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead. You guys and your products are amazing. Thanks again. -Lucky-"

"i was extremly impressed with my last order and your customer service. i cant ever see myself going elsewhere for spores to study! thanks guys!"
-David, in Ohio

"Hey Ben,
Just had to email you and tell you, That was the FASTEST shipping I have ever recieved. Keep up the great work.

(repeat customer) (4-2-08)
"I want to thank ET and Ben for helping me with a hand written
order,when my printer broke. ET is the best deal around(20cc)always and I've
never had any contamination with ET. Living in a small NYC apartment;
Using 4oz.jars Ptek, on perlite, in stacked containers any contamination
spreads fast. I know ET is clean and when I called with questions they
were great!!! So once again:
(name deleted for privacy)

Tammy (repeat customer) (3-16-08)
"I have ordered supplies from 3 other sites and have
asked for customer service from them with little and
no success --- but then I found Earth's Tongue and
will say with absolute highest praise that this site
and the owner are the asolute best in the business as
well as having BY FAR the best pricing and value of
spore syringes and growing supplies of any other site
out there. I cannot praise them high enough for their
quality and customer service. Other sites (3 of
them!) have supplied spore syringes that had little if
any active spores and produced little or no growth.
Earth's Tongue's syringes are twice the size and so
packed with active spores that growth is practically
immediate and plentiful. Don't bother with any other
sites: Earth's Tongue is the best by far. If this
site owner guy had decided to go into the electronics
businss instead, Bill Gates would be put out of
business because the Quality, Value, Customer Service,
and general high business ethics of Earth's Tongue's
owner put him in a class above the vast majority of
other business leaders out there."

Julie from Alaska (3-03-08)
"Everything worked fantastic!
I followed the instructions to the letter and was rewarded with two
huge beds made with sheep dung that were shockingly productive.
I did like the instructions suggested and colonized the sheep dung in
the bags with three pint jars each colonized with a different spore from
the syringes. It took a little while once they were in the bags, but then
holy manna my friend!
Then we took the "chunks" of sheep dung (the whole bag was a
rectangular chunk), split them in half the long ways, laid them side by side in a
baby pool covered with a sheet of blue plastic. heated the pool with 4
heating pads underneath and the chunks literally were covered in shrooms. I
mean covered, man. Pounds 'o shrooms came out of that little pool. We gave
up after the second flush, which was just as exciting as the first flush,
because we had too many shrooms already.
Anchorage, Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Healy, Nenana, seward, Homer, Dutch
Harbor, Bethel and Barrow send words of praise and thanks to you!"

William (myspace) (2-28-08)
"wat up guys? just have to say that you guys kicked some major ass again!! i just recieved my second order from you guys. very quick delivery and very viable spores. thank you for being so loyal to your customers......"

(Francisco V yahoo) (01-22-08)
"These guys know what they're doing when it comes to fresh edible mushrooms. They sell grow kits for individual use and they've been providing me with fresh white, blue, pink, and golden oyster mushrooms for my restaurant since '02. They cultivate many other kinds of fresh gourmet mushrooms for restaurants or gift baskets as well but you have to contact them to arrange those things and they can get you a steady supply of any mushroom you want to use even ones that are not on their web-site. Apparently they also do landscaping in yards with mushrooms too, but that's another service you have to arrange over the phone.
Great people to deal with and talk to."

(ALISHA yahoo. 01-07-08)
"FINALLY I found a great source for my mushroom projects. Been shopping around elsewhere for about a year and always have had contamination issues, but ever since I found Earth's Tongue I've had 0, zero, nada, contamination ratio. Thanks for the GREAT PRODUCT!
Keep up the good work."

"G'day Ben
I have been impressed with the products I've purchased from your website just before the Christmas break, I live in Australia, and my products were delivered, promptly, safely, and with great care and preparation taken. The "New Moon" products have performed well, and I am extremely happy with the results so far, I would have no hesitation in recommending your site to my friends, with similar microscopy projects.
G(xxxx) (deleted for privacy)
PS: I will be placing another order soon"


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