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Our Professional Line goes beyond any off the shelf or online order bag or jar of sterilized mushroom substrates. It has built in technology, proprietary technique, and special ingredients and special handling for strict requirements of purity and sterility where there is no room for error.
  • All substrates include a sterilization monitor showing it was 100% properly sterilized giving you a guarantee of sterility.  A class 5 sterilization monitor proves proper steam, pressure and temperature was achieved to destroy all bacteria and fungi including the toughest endo-spores. 
  • All substrate ingredients are USDA certified organic.
  • They are rinsed and sterilized with 100% pure water filtered through reversed osmosis, UV, and 4 other filters, guaranteeing no chlorine, fluoride or any other chemical or metal or biological contaminants.
  • All filter media used on bags and jars is high end 0.1 - 0.2 micron rating (where commonly sold is 5.0 micron that is 25 X larger pore size!). This is due to the fact that the less effective and larger pore sized filters can be autoclaved (sterilized) with the bag already sealed eliminating the extreme sterile procedure and work of sealing the bags after sterilization. The 0.2 micron and smaller filters cannot be sealed before autoclaving (sterilizing) because they explode. However, they provide the cleanest air filtration available and prevents the substrate from drying out as quickly as the larger pore filters. Mold spores are 1.0 micron to 3.0 microns in size! Why use a 5.0 micron filter? We do not.
  • They are sterilized according to biomedical procedures in a double door hospital autoclave with a "dirty" side and a sealed "clean" side which leads to a Certified ISO 3 (Class 1) Cleanroom where it is unloaded sealed and packed. 
  • Substrates are then finally sealed using a 5mm seal (2mm is standard) and packed in a pharma grade ULPA 0.1 micron @ 99.9995% rating (industry standard is 0.3 micron at 99.97-99.99% effective) Sterile Air Flow Station for the strictest protocol available in the world!
  • Our Bags and Jars have been known to stay sterile even years after they are sterilized and shipped.


OMFG! u guys rock! This is my second order from you and i was greatly impressed with my first. I look forward to being a long time customer and I've even recommended you guys to all my mushy friends =D Keep up the good work guys! -Anthony

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