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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I just checked the status of my order on the Order Tracking Page, but I don't understand. Please explain:


"New" - New means that your order has not yet been processed. Orders are usually processed semiweekly, and the order status is updated then.

"In Progress" - In Progress means that we are working on your order and it has not yet been shipped. Orders will be fulfilled as fast as possible, according to the product's time frame which is specified on this page further down.

"Completed" - Completed means that your order has been shipped. When the status is completed, the delivery confirmation number, or tracking number, is posted under the 'waybill' section. You can use this to track your order. Tracking info is usually emailed to you once the order has been shipped, however if you did not enter an email address, or the email address entered was invalid this is the exception. Sometimes we will take a day or two to post the delivery tracking numbers on your order tracking online if we are busy.

"Back Ordered" - Back Ordered means that we are currently out of the requested item and will restock as fast as possible. The reason is usually listed in the 'Notes' section of your order.

"Archived" - The Archived status is usually only used if you placed more than one identical order by mistake, the duplicate order is credited and archived. Another reason is that your card might have been declined. In which case we would e-mail you to let you know. If you do not respond within a reasonable amount of time, we will archive your order.


"Pre-Authorized" - Pre-Authorized means that your order was successfully received and the order amount was authorized to be valid. Pre-authorizing just checks to make sure the funds are available and places them on hold. Your account will show a charge within 2 to 3 days and will appear as "Earth's Tongue" on your account.

"Settled" - Settled means that your order has been fully charged and the funds were successfully retrieved. However most of the time we will leave the status "Pre-Authorized" until we post your delivery tracking numbers. Which means your order has been sent. (at which time we change the status to "Completed" and "Settled".

"Unknown" The Unknown payment status is only used for orders placed that have NOT been charged yet or if the card was DECLINED for any reason.

"Notes" The Notes section is where we'll put extra info such as if you did not include the disclaimer in your order, or if something is out of stock. We also put the date shipped and shipping method used in the notes section once the order is Completed.

All of the info on your Order Tracking Page is the most current information regarding the status of your order.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

A. No, we do not offer a catalog at the present time. We might in the future.

Q. Do you provide information as to how to grow psilocybin mushrooms? 

A. We will not provide any information regarding the growing of psilocybin mushrooms or other. All of our spores are for genuine research, taxonomy, and microscopy purposes only. Therefore, we will not answer any questions regarding this. Even if you live in another country, and ask us a question regarding their cultivation we will not help you.  If you need information about your Reishii, or Oysters (just for examples), then we will do our best to help you with your gourmet/edible mushroom projects.
Q. And regarding my gourmet mushrooms, how many mushrooms can I expect from a syringe?
A. There is also no way for us to predict how many mushrooms can be grown for a certain amount of solution. It's like asking how many raindrops would fall in a certain sized cup. There's too many factors involved. A well trained mycologist can with only 1 syringe grow a lifetime of mushrooms.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

A. We ship out our products via the United States Postal Service, or with FedEx. Allow 10-14 days for delivery for big products on our Products Page, and 3-15 days for Spore orders (depending on availability)...In some rare cases a spore order may take up to 4 weeks to fill depending on demand and availability Especially if you state on your order that you do not want us to substitute one kind of spore with another similar strain for example. In those cases we cannot ship your order until we have exactly what you ordered. Sometimes we run out of a certain strain temporarily and will have to hold these orders until we prepare more or get more of that specific strain. We will NOT refund a spore order for "taking too long" if it's been less than 4 weeks since you ordered. For our Pre-prepared & Sterilized items including substrates, growing kits, casing soils, etc. allow up to 30 days for fresh preparation of items. You may receive your products sooner than that, sometimes a lot sooner, but that is time frame in which we can fill all orders. During "peak times" when we get more than usual HAND MADE orders like jars or casing soils, we might take slightly longer than the stated time-frame.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. You can place orders using a credit card via our secured ordering system. We do not keep your credit card number on file, they are destroyed after your order has gone through. You can also order through the mail by sending us either a cashier's check, or money order. Sorry, No Cod's or temporary checks. Make cashier's checks and or money orders payable to "Earth's Tongue." Please allow enough time for your payment to clear before we send out your order. The only currency we accept is US Dollars. See the About Us page for our mailing address.

Q. What if I live outside the United States? Can I still order?

A. We still ship Spore Prints worldwide but for all other products we no longer accept international orders due to changes in the United States Postal Service regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience. :(

Q. For Pre-Prepared & Sterilized items, will I need any additional equipment to start my project?

A. The Pre-Prepared & Sterilized JARS come with almost everything you'll need to get started easily and successfully. They are ready to be colonized with your choice mushroom strain. All you're going to need is a plastic container to place your jars in while they are colonizing, nothing fancy. And you will also need another plastic container, or the same one to be used as a growing chamber after they are done colonizing and you are ready to birth your cakes. In case you are going to do casings, same thing applies, you will need a plastic container for your jars to colonize, and another plastic container in which you'll make your bed and grow in. You will also need a humidification technique, such as the cheap and easy to find plastic spray bottles to mist your cakes and keeping a high humidity level in your growing chamber, as well as the use of perlite. Or if you want to be fancy about it, you can buy an ultrasonic humidifier which supplies a super fine and steady stream of visible mist in you growing chamber. You can also use a timer to turn your humidifier on and off so it does not get too humid or not enough. We sell most of these products on the Products page, but most importantly you'll need some TLC. If you ever get stuck or frustrated, you can always send us an e-mail.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We have a 14 day return policy (postmarked within 14 days) for the products on the Products page. Spores and Pre-Prepared & Sterilized items are carefully examined before we ship them to you. If however, your order arrives broken or damaged we will reship the damaged items in your order. ONLY IF YOU INSURE YOUR PACKAGE! Which is an option upon check out. It is not our fault if the jars are mistreated in the mail once it leaves our hands. Which is why we recommend that you insure your package in case that something arrives broken. This only applies to Pre-Prepared & Sterilized items. We do our best to pack everything effectively and protectively so it arrives safe. Spores and Pre-Prepared & Sterilized items are non-refundable, but sometimes exchangeable or replaceable depending on the circumstance. Our SPORES have a 100% Contaminant Free Guarantee. You must let contact us within 30 days of receipt if spores show possible signs of contamination in order for us to replace them. If it has been longer than 30 days the guarantee does not extend past that. On Flow-Hood orders and HEPA filter orders, please allow up to 90 days for fabrication of flowhood. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to canceled orders once begun. A 30% restocking fee will be applied to returned orders for HEPAs and FlowHoods and must be in NEW un-used condition.

Q. What is your Replacement Policy?

A. Our Bag Replacement Policy HERE.
Our Jar Replacement Policy ia the following. Although Jars are rarely contaminated. We will ask you to take pictures first and e-mail them to us. We will try to fix the problem over the phone or e-mail first. Then we may authorize a replacement if we feel it is needed.

Q. What if my package is returned to you because of an incorrect address or I did not claim the package in time. Will you reship it?

A. Yes, we will reship your package to you, but must charge the cost of shipping it back to you. If you ordered spores, and they are returned to us, we will have to ship you the same spores unless the reason it was returned was our error. However, we ship all orders to the address given on your order information. If you do not claim it in time, or you put your address wrong, this is not our error and therefore you receive the same spores that were originally shipped. This is the same if your jars or other products are returned to us.
 If your shipment is lost in the mail, only if you insured the package will we re-ship to verified address.

Q. What if I receive the wrong product, or something is missing in my order?

A. If something is missing from your order notify us right away and we will ship the missing product immediately. If you receive the wrong product, notify us that you received the wrong product. Usually, we ask for you to send back the wrong product to us by the same shipping method it was sent to you before we reship you the correct product. We in turn will refund you the shipping cost for shipping it back to us. In some cases we will ship a second package with the correct order if we discover the mistake before you receive the package with the wrong order. We will contact you regarding the first package and ask you ship it back to us with all original contents in it, in it's original box. We will refund you for the shipping costs. If we send you a second package with your correct order, and you do not send back the first package within a reasonable amount of time, you will be responsible for the cost of the first package since that was not the correct order.

Q. What if I've never done this before? Can I still grow gourmet mushrooms?

A. Of course, anybody can do it. We include detailed instructions with all Pre-Prepared & Sterilized items which will guide you step by step through the whole process. Which is pretty easy, because we have done basically everything for you already.

Q. Why don't you ship spores to California, Georgia, or Idaho?

A. We cannot ship certain spores to CA, GA, or ID because psilocybin mushroom spores have been outlawed. However, we CAN ship you any edible gourmet mushroom spores or cultures that we offer, legally. Any spore orders with a shipping address in CA, GA or ID will be credited back to the order amount, lesser the "Annoyance Fee" of $15.00. This fee is to discourage people from ordering spores to illegal states/areas. It will be fully enforced.

Q. Do you keep records of any customer information or orders? Will my name be added to any lists or sold to other companies?

A. We periodically delete all completed orders and customer information. We will not sell your name to other companies or add your name to any lists. We are very serious about keeping our customer's privacy.

Q. I just placed an order last week, and now I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order? (ORDER CANCELLATION POLICY)

A. Yes, you may cancel your order. If canceled within 24 hours we will waive the order cancellation fee. Otherwise your credit card will be credited back within 72 hours, minus the $25.00 Order Cancellation fee. This is because we start on orders as soon as possible. When we receive the order we make enough material to cover the orders. This cost covers our time, labor, and materials that have already been put aside and prepared for the order. You must cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering to be exempt from this charge.

Q. I ordered some jars from you and inoculated them with another company's spores. If these jars get contaminated, are they still covered by your jar warranty?

A. NO. We only guarantee our jars when they are inoculated with our spores or cultures, because we know that they are viable and sterile spores. If you use another company's spores with any of our Pre-Prepared & Sterilized Items (jars or bags), we cannot guarantee the outcome and therefore will not cover it.

Q. What is Signature Delivery, and why is it required?

A. Signature Delivery is required for any order over $75.00, and is a service by USPS that shows who received the package we are sending. This is primarily important to prevent the damage of the temperature sensitive items that we carry. A signature will insure that the package is delivered in person and not left in a mail box in the heat or cold. It is important for us to prevent credit card fraud. The signature is helpful in providing information as to who received the package, and to ensure whether or not the card holder is indeed aware of the order. Note! If you decide to send in a money order, you will not need to include Signature Delivery shipping fees. Signature Delivery is to help prevent credit card fraud, and if you are paying by money order, this is not an issue.

Q. Can I e-mail asking about my order status?

A. We really do try to answer all e-mails reguarding order status. However we are a small company and have PLENTY to do around here to keep up with our growing number of customers. We are a reliable source for supplies and mushroom related products and spores/cultures. We guarantee ALL our products to meet and exceed your standards or we will replace them free of charge. Sometimes we cannot be answering every e-mail regarding the status of an order that has only been a few days from when it was ordered. We rather spend our time preparing, packing, and shipping orders than having to give an update to every person that orders with us. ALL our customers are extremely valuable to us and we want to provide positive and friendly experience, but please understand that we get dozens of e-mails daily and it's tough keeping up so please try not to e-mail asking where your order is if you haven't read our shipping time frames stated on this page above. Be assured that we are working hard to prepare your items for shipping during the time it takes us to ship it. Although improving our shipping times is one of our main goals, at the moment we can do our best to make you happy with our products and get it to you in a timely fashion. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM US IF YOU EXPECT OVERNIGHT DELIVERY or anything similar. If you expect light speed shipping we are not for you (although we might surprise you on how fast we can ship out your order sometimes). WE DO NOT WANT ANGRY E-MAILS!!! or CHARGE BACKS or order CANCELLATIONS just because we did not or could not answer your e-mail about your order status. If you already placed an order please try to restrict e-mails until after you receive your order, in case something is wrong or missing from your order, so we can fix it immediately. Since we started Earth's Tongue we have gone through many customer service representatives. Which during the "in-between of reps" has set us back sometimes weeks in e-mails in the past and also making us get behind on orders. At the moment we do not have a full time customer service representative. It's US Family trying to answer all your e-mails, answer calls, and getting everthing else done, so please, let us WORK. We will definitely answer as many e-mails as possible especially if it is IMPORTANT. We are friendly and honest. Everything we sell here is made and prepared here by HAND. We DO NOT RE-SELL ANYTHING we are not a WHOLESALE PRODUCTION COMPANY . Every product receives LOVING ATTENTION. Most products we sell take many many hours of work from us to get you extremely fresh and extremely high quality products. When you order from us you are with us and we are with you. Every customer service representative has come and left which at those times left us in a bad situation. so we rather be able to keep our cost down so we can keep providing the same low prices to give our customers a good deal instead of us having to pay another hourly and have to bring up our prices. THANKS A LOT!

Still have a question we haven't answered here? Send it to our e-mail address: SUPPORT@EARTHSTONGUE.COM

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