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Exotic Psilocybe / Psilocybin Genera Spore Syringes for Microscopy Study

Exotic Psilocybe / Psilocybin Genera Spore Syringes for Microscopy Study

We Are Not Your Average Spore Vendor!

We Are Not Your Average Spore Vendor!

We use patented liquid solutions to suspend our spores making them extremely high quality and all made with expensive laboratory ingredients.
They are not just spores and water.
   To understand more about our patented spore solutions please visit this page Earth's Tongue Spore Solutions and to understand fully why we are different then any other spore vendor in the world please visit this page: Why We Are Different.

Psilocybin Mushroom Spores for the Advanced Mycologists. Exotic species from around the world. Advanced skills required. If you are a beginner do not purchase these spores until you gain more experience and knowledge. All our Exotic Psilocybe species are tested clean before put up for sale.
   Our Psilocybin mushroom spore syringes all use our proprietary anti-microbial technology which helps fight bacteria and other molds. Encapsulating the spores inside a nurturing shell which shields them from bacteria and foreign contaminants and also protects them for longer term viability. These breakthroughs have made Earth's Tongue a leader in mycology technology. In addition, we test every single batch we make to make 100% sure you will receive a clean and viable product. This is a very time consuming process and also costly in materials. But we do it to keep our reputation as the #1 spore vendor in the world.
Exotic Psilocybe / Psilocybin Genera Spore Syringes (20cc) For Taxonomy Students

Exotic Psilocybe / Psilocybin Genera Spore Syringes (20cc) For Taxonomy Students

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Ps. galindoi (Atlantis)Ps. galindoi (Atlantis)
Hello, I purchased a 20cc syringe from you guys of The Golden Teachers spores for research and after the scope hit a sample they looked perfect. I just wanted you to know I am very happy with this spore study and you have my future business for further studies. I don't remember the exact name but it was the one that helps prevent contamination. Hat's off to you fine folks and keep up the good work. -Allen

These mushroom spores in mushroom spore syringe or spore print are solely intended for MICROSCOPY STUDY. May be used for taxonomy and identification purposes for students and professors taking or giving mycology or microscopy class in school or for the hobbyist or professional taxonomist as well as for genuine scientific research. No special license or permit is required to buy or sell these spores since spores do not contain any active substance, however they are NOT INTENDED FOR CULTIVATION PURPOSES. If we suspect they will be used for that purpose without the proper licensing we will deny the sale.

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