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Earth's Tongue: The best online store for mushroom spores, mycology supplies and expert information
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Mushroom Spores, Grow kits, Mycology Supplies, 
Sterilized Substrates, and More!

Earth's Tongue specializes in high quality Mushroom Spores, and Mushroom Cultures.

We also offer:

Products come with excellent genetics in culture syringe or petri dish or test tube slant format. Mushroom pictures and information is available throughout the site and included in our mushroom growing kits in CD format or in online instructional videos.

Everything in the kit section is mixed, sterilized, and PH balanced for you to perfection. Our kits are the easiest and fastest way to cultivate mushrooms. You'll be able to grow any strain of edible culinary mushroom without having to do any mixing, grinding, or sterilizing!

All Earth's Tongue substrate jars, mushroom casing soil compost, and mushroom spawn bags are all pressure sterilized, sealed, and guaranteed delivered sterile and ready to use. Each product comes with easy to follow instructions with pictures, basic supplies, and a free spore syringe (your choice strain) with any of our 6-pack selection.

Earth's Tongue is proud to have a large assortment of sterile, viable mushroom spores collected from all around the world, all rigorously tested against any contamination. After years of research, we developed our own proprietary contaminant resistant mushroom spore syringes called "New Moon Spores" as well as the only freezable and heat-resistant syringe solution.

We offer a variety of gourmet mushroom supplies for beginners and advanced cultivators. These include our high quality gourmet mushroom cultures and gourmet and medicinal mushroom spawn plugs. For the advanced mushroom cultivators and growers, please check out our latest laboratory tools for mushroom culturing and mushroom spawn making. Earth's Tongue carries only the best petri dishes, malt extract agar, empty mushroom growing bags, para-film, sterilization monitors, and much, much more.

Additionally, we invite you to take a look at our unsterilized seeds and grains for your growing and cultivating projects.

As an Earth's Tongue customer, we guarantee you will receive world class professional service, the highest quality mushroom growing products and tools, and especially privacy.

Earth's Tongue Mushroom Hunting Expedition in Mexico 2012

Fast Shipping. Live Inventory. All Batches Tested.

Fast Shipping. Live Inventory. All Batches Tested.